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LiveFit Revolution providing free--of-charge healthy lifestyle education to everyone who is committed to their health goals. Tax ID 90-0671999


So, here is why LiveFit Revolution is one of the coolest things ever:

There are a lot of overweight people that really want to get healthy, but they don't know where to start. So they join a gym, maybe buy an Ab-Blaster with a free DVD from a late-night TV infomercial, or start a diet they read about on a friend's Facebook wall. They can't wait to get started on their new program. 

Fast-forward to a few weeks later: they've lost their motivation and are right back where they started. What happened?

None of those programs offered them the personalized support they needed to stay motivated. It's like buying a car without a refillable gas are only going to get so far before you run out of momentum.

LiveFit Revolution is a different kind of program. We're always there to keep you motivated and to make sure your tank is full. And, oh yeah, no need to buy anything...we'll give you everything you need for free.

We promise. Totally free. No catch.

See, we think the fitness industry has already taken enough people's money without giving them the results they hoped for. Too many empty promise and not enough people fitting into smaller clothes.

So, it's time to change gears. This isn't about making's about making America healthier: one committed person at a time.

We'll give you an entire program...complete workouts, nutrition plan, recipes, support...and all we ask for is your commitment. You do the workouts at home, get your food at your supermarket, and send us your results every week. We'll tell you how awesome you are. You can call or email us if you need anything and we'll actually answer and write you back. Crazy, huh?

We decided to make LiveFit Revolution a non-profit because it belongs to the community, to all of us. We know that there are a lot of you that feel the same way we do. We know you'll get behind the revolution by making donations and spreading the word.

It's time to take money out of the fitness equation and make it about commitment. Are you in?