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CROWDRISE : Jan 24, 2012
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BASED: Newington, CT, United States




Honesty. Pain. Anger. Empathy. Captured on video these emotions have the power to reach our cores, to teach lessons that books and lectures don't. This is LiveKind™ – a whole-school program that generates excitement and learning, where the students are the “stars” and their stories become the scripts, the conversation starters, and the lessons.

We hear their words, see their expressions, and watch their body language. Meanness hurts.

The ultimate goal of this program is to dramatically improve school climate by reducing aggression and increasing empathy. When used in partnership with other school initiatives, LiveKind™ is a powerful tool in the educators’ tool belts, to support their desire to create peaceful, productive classrooms and schools.

We partner with schools and organizations, to create programs that reflect their needs, working directly with our partner schools, creating built-in mentorship possibilities. We bring our professional team of educators, trainers and videographers, to supervise all facets of the program. This ensures quality and the best possible outcomes for the students and their schools.

We believe in measuring results and have built surveying into our model, to assess the "climate" before and after our program. The bottom line is that we're committed to effecting long-term change and behavioral change. Our commitment to our partner schools and organizations is to help them achieve those goals. 

Tax ID: 45-2910501 •


Running for LiveKind

Running for LiveKind

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7% Raised of $50,000 Goal

Team Programs for Social Change

Team Programs for Social Cha…

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2% Raised of $40,000 Goal