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Donovan Simon's Fundraiser:

Help A Young Student Couple Get Transportation!

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My name is Donovan here with my loving partner Rachel, and we would like to present to you our reasons why we need funds supporting us!

Here is a little bit about myself (Donovan)

I am an inspired computer geek who loves learning about technology. I currently live with my mother and loving partner (Rachel) on Section 8 low-income housing. We live in a beautiful home that I am fortunate to have shelter in. I am very thankful for the things our state has done for us and the support we have received from out-reach programs here in my town. Unfortunately, I live in the country's #1 Un-employment state (Nevada). Even more so, I live in one of the poorest towns in the state. Pahrump, Nevada. Sounds like somewhere you would see in the city of Nowhere's Ville! Because we are.. IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! So, take it from me when I say, "It is always best to look for help somewhere instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen in the middle of nowhere." - For the record, none of my friends think I can find help with free funding. They all tell me I am wasting my time! Well, be that as it may, at least I can say that I tried and that is good enough for me. Even if I don't receive a single penny for this fundraiser online!

I was born on January 25th, 1994, premature and with many life-threatening health conditions. These birth problems/defects include and are possibly not limited to: Renal Kidney Failure, Mild Muscle Delay in my left leg, Oxygen Deprivation to my brain for 10+ Minutes at birth, Epispadias, and Two Collapsed Lungs. The good news? I have overcome most of these health problems with only minor side-effects.

I am proud to tell my story after fighting for my life and making it past almost every single health problem I have come across over the years. My surgeon Dr. Mitchell from Kaiser hospital in Los Angeles, CA, is a big part of me being alive today. So, thank you Kaiser and thank you Dr. Mitchell for helping to keep me alive and happier than ever!

The surgeries I had to have put a huge set-back in my parents financials, but in their eyes nothing was more important then their son. I am now 19 years old, 1 year farther into adult-hood. You would think that I have some rich distant relatives out there that I could tell my life-story to and they would proudly grab the billfold for my expenses to help fund me, but that sadly, is not true :(

Just like many others, my family has also suffered the wrath of life, and traumatic events that unexpectedly occurred in our lives. My mother lost her home, her inheritance, and all her possessions from her ex-husband's theft in addition to the rest of the abuse our whole family suffered from him. In October 2009, our family lost over $300,000 worth of possessions from my biological father. He drained my bank account, my siblings, my great grandparents (who have recently passed; Rest In Peace Grandma and Grandpa), and my mother's bank account. My dad has even been known to steal from his own mother, sadly.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I said I was going to tell you about myself, right? If I left some of these parts out of my life that would not be telling you my story, now would it? Earlier today, I was talking to my mom about how there might be a federal grant or something out there to help my girlfriend and I pay for a car to travel between work and college. She said, "Nobody in this world gives hand-outs." I told her back, "I am going to look and try instead of count my losses and worry about how I am going to get by." I want to prove to my mother that there is still a sense of community in America. Can you help me prove this?



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Donovan is working on selecting a charity so you can support Help A Young Student Couple Get Transportation!.