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I am a 31 year old newly married man, living in Philadelphia and studying for my Master's degree in the Fine Arts. My wife and I work, go to school, make sure we pay bills on time, and go to church every week. It's a pretty simple routine. Deciding what "path" we desire to take in life has always been a difficult one to discuss, particularly for myself. If I take "this" option instead of "that" option, I may be missing out (this debate continues on ad infinitum, of course). I had it in my mind that after studying in the fine arts career for over a decade, tht would obviously be the career objective I had to take. It is something I enjoy, I am good at, and am successful at. Recently, however, a new idea in life has been brought to my attention, one in which I never would have batted an eye at a decade ago. This would be a life in which I would get a lot, by not having a lot, i.e. a life helping others, doing philanthropy work, etc.
So, why the sudden change? Simply put, my mind changed when I had visited an orphanage on a mission trip through my church. The orphanage was in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, and consists of a hundred or so children who are there for various reasons, ranging from neglect, abandonement, rape, abuse, to things that people working there had suggested it was better to not even know.
I had went on the trip with two things in mind: firstly, I had hoped that my seeing people with so little, I would learn to appreciate everything that I have. Secondly, I was excited to see Guatemala, the landscape, culture, Mayan ruins, and other typical things a tourist may enjoy. Both of my hopes ha failed miserably: I could care less about any of the typical tourist locations, and instead of appreciating what I have, I went in a completely opposite direcction and begame angry that I had so much.
Ever since the trip my wife and myself and been trying to do more. We donate money directly to the orphanage now and help sponsor two little girls there that we fell in love with. We also save money as much as possible in order to return and continue to be a part of the lives of the kids. But now what? No matter how much, it all seems too little. Too pulled back.
Earlier today I began reading a book titled "The Life You Can Save" by Peter Singer. Early in the book, Singer gives a lot of facts about extreme poverty and how it effects people around the world. We're talking extreme poverty here. Not "I only get half of my cable channels" kind of poverty. According to UNICEF, the extreme poverished people in the world reach approximately 1.4 billion people who can live on only $1.25 per day. In all honesty, I can not wrap my head around living on such circumstances.
My idea for this project is to raise money for the children I have grown to love in Guatemala, as well as toher children around the world. I plan on living for one month at the level of poverty: only $1.25 per day. I feel like this will open my own eyes, and hopefully the eyes of others, to what this really means. I wish to help and do more, and util I know what that is like to live in that sort of poverty, even to only a small degree, I feel like I can't. Your donations will help make this possible, with 100% of all proceeds going to help the organization I support in Guatemala, More Than Compassion.



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