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Live, Thrive, Blossom, Inc.

Live, Thrive, Blossom, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Sep 07, 2014
Tax ID: 46-5666926
BASED: Denver, CO, United States


Live, Thrive, Blossom, Inc.

Helping Kids in Crises

Live Thrive Blossom is a forward-thinking nonprofit that works with women and children to overcome violence, homelessness, disabilities, special needs, death or tragedy. Our goal is to blossom the lives of those in need by providing the necessities that allow them to reach their full potential.

To put is simply, our goal is to help; and we have targetted those who need it most: vulnerable children and women. We purpose our organization to derive fanatical, innovative, industrious and effective methods of positively changing the lives of children who have experienced violence (child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic, etc.), and homelessness. We also focus major efforts on helping low-income or disadvantaged children with special needs and disabilities. Our programs have a great foundation of best practices, training, and research combined with new age innovation, progressive ideology, and the integration of awesome technologies. 

Visit to learn more about our organization and how we our BLOSSOMING LIVES in our community. 

Tax ID: 46-5666926 •


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