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Living in Grace

Living in Grace was created to support the health of people, especially young people.

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Currently Living in Grace supports the health of young people through education.  First we defined the greatest threat affecting young people in the United States, mind-altering substances.  The United States lost 195,668 young people, ages 15-34 year old to a mind-altering substance death, a preventable death, during the 17 Year Span 1999-2015.  

Kids keep stumbling into the mess, Our goal is to save lives by stopping the next generation from stumbling into this substance mess by providing rescue education in every county in the United states.  Mind-altering substances are a real threat to people in our community, especially young people, we can support youth by reporting real harm caused by substance use.  The U.S. Substance death report includes all mind-altering substance deaths because often when a person is suffering a physical addiction, they reach for another mind-altering substance if their drug of choice is not available so that they do not have to feel excruciating withdraw.  Substances have increased in variety and poisonous strength.To see the Full Substance Report click