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I am a man living with chronic pain because of a nuerological disease. I have returned to college to earn my Masters in psychology so I can work with other chronic pain sufferers and help them cope with life in pain. I have already earned my Associates Degree and I am currently working for my Bachelor's Degree. I feel since I live with chronic pain I will be able to inspire others living with chronic pain to persue their dreams and goals. Because I am also a sufferer I am hoping by fulfilling my goal of helping others will show other pain sufferers that it is possible to achieve one's goals and dreams and learn to work through the pain.
I feel blessed I have the drive and support of my friends to work towards my goal. I intend to work with people via the internet, home visits, and phone to reach as many people as possible.
I also plan to write a book about what real chronic pain is, and how it affects a person's life. Chronic pain is not having a headache for a few days, or a sprained knee that will heal Chronic pain is an intense pain that millions of people live with everyday without any relief. Most chronic pain symptons are not treatable and many people like myself, have no way of finding relief from the constant pain we face everyday.
It is important people get the support they need, as well as their families and loved one because chronic pain not only affects the sufferer, but everyone in that person's life.
It is also for the public to understand what chronic pain is, and how living with pain destroys many lives. Many people do not look as though they are in pain, or may not show obvious signs of the pain in which they suffer. When a person sees a person parking their car in a handicapped space and that person appears to be alright, they may be someone suffering with chronic pain and unable to walk. People rush to judgement in situations like this, and must be made aware of this illness. Because one can not see something does not mean it does not exist.
I intend to brin awareness to this situation and hopefully help people financially whos lives have been destroyed financially as well. When one suffers with pain they cannot work and there is very little or no financial assisitance. I myself have lost my home.
Please help me help others so that everyone has a chance at happiness.
Thank you.



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