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About Us

God gave Patrick and Barbara Lataillade a vision to reach the lost in Haiti. Because of their desire to see the gospel spread among the people of Haiti, they began Living Word Ministries (LWM). Their ministry has exploded into a strategic church planting and missionary training ministry focused on taking the gospel to areas where there is no witness for Jesus Christ.


Missionary Challenges

Spiritually, Haiti is a battle ground. In the early 1800’s, a witch doctor proposed a 200- year contract with Satan in exchange for political freedom. The country’s most recent president performed a ceremony to rededicate the country to Satan.

In many villages a voodoo witch doctor is the sole source for spiritual guidance, protection and medical assistance. Evangelical Christians are persecuted regularly by members of the Roman Catholic Church which is closely linked with those who practice voodoo.

The political and economic instability of Haiti has left the people struggling for their basic survival. Inflation is at its worst. After 4 hurricanes and an earthquake in 3 years, the country lies in ruins. Restoring the country seems to be an impossibility.

Intense poverty, illiteracy, and limited access to good education are just a few of the daily challenges that most Haitians face.

Ministering at all Costs

Yet these great challenges compel Living Word’s missionaries to seek out the un-reached, bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard the Gospel. Five churches  have been planted in the remote villages on the southern coast of Haiti by LWM—Mayette, Marche Kabrit, Demeline, Cavalier and Morne Blanc.

In each church, discipleship is a primary focus, teaching the Word of God verse by verse. There are literacy programs in the churches since most people in these areas are illiterate.