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Liza LePage's Fundraiser:

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EVENT DATE: Sep 16, 2017


If you have never made it down to the Wells Reserve, you are in for a treat. The reserve manages a diverse collection of coastal habitat along Maine's Southern Coast--approximately 2250 acres of upland forests, wetland and beach habitat. Most of the land the Reserve manages is owned by the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge and is part of the NOAA network of estuary reserves. The Reserve is funded through a public-private partnership among NOAA, the state parks bureau and coastal program, and Laudholm Trust, a local nonprofit. Due to the current regulatory environment, the Reserve is expected to lose a significant portion of its NOAA funding, which means Laudholm Trust needs our support more than ever before. 

Although a portion of our venue fees go to support Laudholm Trust, we want to encourage our guests to help support their mission and keep this unique stretch of habitat intact and available for research, exploration, and education.

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