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This is Crazy!

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I'm a 42 year old mom of two teenagers who has NEVER competed in anything that has to do with running (except for Little Olympics in grade school--because you had to). But I've challenged myself, so here goes...This is Crazy!

If I'm going to dedicate a large chunk of my time to train and prepare for this event, I want it to count for something besides me meeting a personal goal.  I want to truly REMEMBER April 19, 1995. 

I was a senior at OSU. At 9:00am I was in the Presbyterian hospital in downtown OKC with my grandpa, who had undergone open heart surgery the day before.  The building shook.  A code black was called.  The horror of it all quickly became real.

The OKC Memorial Museum is a remarkable place.  A place to teach present and future generations.  A place to grieve and mourn.  A place to remember.  Your donation will benefit the Musem.

So, This is Crazy! I'm learning about things like stride lengths, correct form, breathing and chafing...seriously, what have I got myself into??  Whether you are laughing at me, cheering me on, or wondering at which mile they will be scraping me off the pavement...donate.  Let's make a difference and remember.




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