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International Association of Firefighters Ladies Auxiliary

Responding First to Austin's First Responders: Help us give back to Austin's Bravest! Tax ID 46-5528917


As spouses and family members of Austin's Bravest, our charitable mission of Responding First to Austin's First Responders includes providing initial support for fire families affected by Injuries on the Job (IOJ) and Line of Duty Deaths (LODD) and enhancing the general social and economic welfare of fire families by fostering connections to and support from the communities served by the fire-service men and women of Local 975.


Although generally viewed as one of the more exciting and rewarding career paths, and rightfully so, firefighting consistently ranks among the most stressful jobs in America, ranking 1st in 2015 by  Exposure to constant risks of danger, distress and medical hazard and the rigors of rapid response are challenges not only faced by firefighters, but contribute to challenges that ultimately impact the lives of the families to which they belong who both provide and receive their support.  Historically, fire department Auxiliaries have provided a basic logistic support system for fire related activities, while today’s Auxiliaries take on a more contemporary role of supporting the general welfare of firefighters and their families, while serving as citizenship leaders in the communities in which they live.

While many of the past activities of the Auxiliary to Local 975 have been charitable in nature, as a newly formed non-profit organization, Auxiliary Leadership have engaged visions of a stronger communal bond within the fire service and greater connectivity to the communities around them.  The members of the fire department and their families represent a diverse cast of social backgrounds, but share a collective bond in their desire to help their fellow man.  It is a goal of this Auxiliary to create, facilitate and participate in activities to improve the lives of the fire families they serve and the communities in which they live. 

In order to achieve our initial goals, we need to begin by raising a minimum of $10,000 in our first year as a non-profit and will set additional goals as our programs and fundraising events begin to take shape.  You can actively participate in achieving these goals by donating funds or volunteering time to one of the many programs initiated by the Auxiliary to Local 975!

Fundraising Campaigns