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Lodebar Church & Minitries

Lodebar Church & Ministries is a place where people with real life issues, can find answers in a warm and spiritual setting. We offer a loving and friendly environment. We have anointed praise and worship that creates an atmosphere for an awesome time in the presence of the Lord. We teach people how to pray in order to have their prayers answered.

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We're all about letting people know that there is nothing that can separate God's love from us. Also that God is not an angry God, but a God of second, third, fourth, and etc. chances. Our Practical Bible preaching and teaching will instruct you in Christian living victoriously, where therefore now is no condemnation, but faith, God's grace, mercy, and unconditional love. We believe in helping people of all walks of life to get to know and have a personal relationship with God our Father through Jesus Christ. We also feed and clothe the homeless and less fortunate. We teach classes such as how to find jobs, how to prepare for interviews, and how dress to impress. We need your help for a bigger space so that lives will be changed for the better and that hope for living a good life is not lost.

Lodebar Church & Ministries is part of the Chicago Public Schools Safe Passage Initiative which is designed to provide safe routes for students in order to increase attendance, decrease violent incidents involving CPS students, & increase student perception of safety traveling to and from school.

Recently, CNN ran a story titled “500 homicides. 9 months. 1 American city.” Chicago's 500th homicide of the year happened over Labor Day weekend, that number carries a lot of weight for the city -- not just in quantity, but in meaning: 2016 is now the deadliest year in two decades.