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EVENT DATE: Apr 08, 2011

Logan Kugler


Here's how I think:

I've been invited to participate in the Summit at Sea event taking place on April 8 - April 11. It's a once annual by-invitation-only event that brings together top young people who are doing big things in the world and inspires a new generation of leaders to succeed in business and in life. It's a gathering of some incredibly successful people and this event includes speakers such as the CEO of Pepsi, CMO of GE, SVP of Google, CEO of Quicksilver, Former Executive Director of UNICEF, Tony Hsieh, Peter Thiel, Tim Ferriss, and countless others too many to name. And it all happens on a cruise ship. And just by coincidence, it all happens over my 21st birthday. Help me get to Summit for my 21st! 

It's $4,250 and I need at least $2,250 to get there. Please donate any amount to help me attend the event! 

I know that going to Summit at Sea could change the trajectory of where I'm going and accelerate my path from the people and friends I'll meet and make. This would be a "trajectory accelerator" for me, which is something that will or has the potential to vastly accelerate the life path one is on to achieve all of their dreams. The idea behind a trajectory accelerator is that if you alter a trajectory even on just a microscopic scale at its origin, by the time it gets a few miles or, in this case, a few years out, its location is radically different. So by altering the trajectory, or you could say "the maturing timeline", of someone early on, they have the potential to achieve and create 4X, 5X, 10X of what they would have otherwise achieved in their lifetime, all because of changing their trajectory in the beginning.

Whatever support you can provide is tremendously appreciated. In exchange for your support, if we reach the goal, I'll "pay it forward" and I vow to pay for someone to go to Summit Series at some point in the near future.

Help me to get to Summit at Sea. Thank you!!

Here's a brief bio:

Logan Kugler started making a small dent in the universe at 10 years old, when he started his first real business, employing people 3x his age, and turned a five-figure profit within the first year. At 11, he dropped out of school and self-educated, using the Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Google to learn. At 13, Logan designed, built and sold a custom computer machined product that made recreational vehicles easier to use, which failed but was an incredible learning experience for Logan. At 15, he began freelance writing and today has written for more than 50 national and international magazines including Backpacker, BMW Magazine, Computerworld, Mac|Life, Men's Journal, Outdoor Life, Parenting Magazine, PC Magazine, PC World, Popular Photography, Robb Report, and Success Magazine.

Logan views life differently than most people and doesn't believe in limits and wants to continue to push the boundary of what people believe is possible, especially for someone his age. His two life purposes are to have fun and to help other people have fun, as well, and Logan intends to become one of the greatest philanthropists the world has ever known. Soon, he will make his galactic dent in the universe.

Here's who believes in me:

"When I first met Logan, I knew within just the first few minutes of talking to him that he was someone to watch. Logan is truly unique for his age and stands out like a diamond in the rough among his peers. He has the energy and drive of some top businesspeople twice his age and he's bold and creative enough to accomplish even his most ambitious goals. Someone once said "Concentrate on doing business with those who have a future greater than their past" and Logan is one of those people. If he comes to you with a crazy idea, take a listen." - Jack Canfield, #1 NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author and co-creator of the billion-dollar brand Chicken Soup for The Soul

"Only a select group of people in this world truly believe you can achieve anything. Logan is clearly one of them. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals, even if that means going after Moby Dick in a rowboat. He'll even take the tartar sauce with just in case he may need it. That kind of resolute is uncommon anywhere, but very rare among 20-something year-olds." - Stefan Swanepoel, Bestselling author of Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business & Life and renowned international speaker

"When I met Logan Kugler I was amazed. I thought, "this kid has more focus and determination than 99% of the entrepreneurs I meet." I'm not usually a betting man, but I'd put my money on Logan." - Michael Port, New York Times Bestselling author of 4 books including Book Yourself Solid

"I was working for Time Inc. as deputy editor of Outdoor Life magazine when I hired Logan Kugler. When he called me up to tell me he was in New York, we agreed to lunch in order to finally meet in person and discuss additional ideas. You can imagine my surprise when I arrived and discovered a 16-year-old kid barely old enough to drive standing there. I had to stifle my shock. His maturity and professional abilities far surpassed that of many of the adults I worked with, and his enthusiasm for taking on larger projects and ambition to succeed was, and remains, unparalleled to anybody his age that I have ever met. Logan is the type of person I would want involved in any project in which I had a large stake in a successful outcome." - Doug Howlett, Source Stream Media, LLC

"From the moment you talk to Logan, you realize that he's incredibly driven and has what it takes to pull off something big. Logan's fearlessness, coupled with his insatiable desire to learn makes him someone to truly watch out for. Logan has accomplished more in his 20 years than most people have in 40, and he's setting himself up to achieve more in the next 5 years than some people achieve in a lifetime. If I had to place my money on any one 20-year-old, it would be Logan." - Steve Harrison, Publicity expert and founder of National Publicity Summit and; helped build the careers of more than 100 top experts and millionaires

"Logan Kugler is the only 20-year-old kid I know who has set high goals and actually gone out and achieved them. For as long as I've known him, Logan has always been an independent thinker and never marched to the same drumroll as other people. Logan knew early on what he wanted to be and exhibits an almost maniacal focus toward the pursuit of his goals. "Never give up" personifies Logan in everything he does. Specifically, I've always been impressed at the young age in which he established himself as a professional writer, starting from scratch on his own at age 14 and figuring out how to get commissioned assignments for some of the most prestigious publications in the world. When most young people set out to do something, it's a pipe dream. When Logan sets out to do something, he does it." - Marsha Friedman, Public relations expert, speaker, and CEO of EMSI Public Relations

"Logan Kugler is someone with drive, discipline, and vision far beyond his years. He does what most people his age don't even attempt to dream about. Logan envisions it, pursues it with passion, and transforms his visions into a reality--consistently!" - Spike Humer, Entrepreneurial advisor and business growth specialist who has coached countless millionaires and worked with Fortune 500 companies

"I first met Logan at a media marketing conference attended by people 2-3 times his age. Out of the 100+ participants who introduced themselves to the crowd, Logan had the most clear-cut focus, confidence and poise. I have found Logan to be a team player, highly knowledgeable and truly dedicated to his craft." - Sandra Keros, Healthy cooking and lifestyle expert

“Many in the X and Y Generations are seen as being unfocused, lazy and looking for easy solutions.  Logan Kugler is a refreshing reminder that this crowd is as diverse as the Baby Boomers. Logan is bright, intuitive and has an unquenchable desire for knowledge. Thomas Paine said, “Lead, follow or get out the way.” There is no doubt where Logan stands in that lineup – he’s light years ahead of his peers as a leader.” – Dan Miller, Bestselling author of 48 Days to the Work You Love and No More Mondays

"While most people his age are focusing on enjoying the world, Logan Kugler devotes his life 110% to making it a better place. Logan knows what his passions are and focuses on accomplishing them every day. I have never met a young man with more persistence and determination, while at the same time being the kind of person you want to hang out and chat with for hours. When it comes down to it, there are two types of people in the world: those that make things happen and those that things happen to. Logan makes things happen. And once the Logan Express steams full speed ahead out of the station in pursuit of a destination, you better either jump on board or get out of its way because he's going to blast through whatever gets in his path, no matter how formidable the obstacle." - Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, Author of “A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness"



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