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Lola and Chester Support Camp Cocker

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Catherine Herbert


I adopted Lola from Camp Cocker, a shelter whose mission is to rescue cocker spaniels, many with medical problems, and find them loving forever homes. Here is my story about how I found them: I made the decision to adopt a dog when I was 28 and working as a nurse down in LA. I was living alone and wanted a companion. Plus, I had never had a dog of my own, our family had one dog who basically was raised by my parents. Something about rescuing a dog from a shelter or SPCA and giving it a new life really resonated with me. I was scrolling through the pictures and after a few days up pops a picture of an adorable little cocker spaniel female. According to her profile, she was about eight years old, sweet as can be and very affectionate. There were pictures and a video that were absolutely adorable. The one problem that made me hesitate was that she had irreversible glaucoma in both her eyes and needed daily eye drops. I took a few more days to think and then filled out the online application to adopt. I received a phone call from Camp Cocker, the cocker spaniel rescue where she was located and was informed that she had been there for two years and had been rescued from a dog pound previously where she was taken after she had been found matted, flea-infested and wandering the streets. I was nervous and still somewhat hesitant but decided to go through with the adoption. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I named her Lola and she has been the most loving, affectionate, sweetest companion I could have ever imagined. She warms my heart and has filled my life with more joy and happiness than I have ever known. Please help to contribute if you can and donate to Camp Cocker so they can continue rescuing and providing homes for pups like Lola. Thank you!



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