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Paul Haus' Fundraiser:

Long Trail Run for Preventative Health Care

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EVENT DATE: Aug 26, 2012

Paul Haus


Beth Ann Murphy wrote -

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. –Lao Tzu

Hi! I'm Beth and ever since I was 10 years old I have been running on trails. I run for the love of the sport, the joy of being outdoors, and, to stay healthy. My health and wellness has always been a priority. And, the desire to help others ascertain their own health and wellness led me to work in the healthcare profession, as a Registered Nurse. As a healthcare practitioner I see, on a daily basis, how often our society overlooks the need for preventative healthcare. However, there are places, such as the Community Health Center of Burlington (CHCB), where preventative healthcare is the goal and, daily, is a work in progress. For over 30 years, the CHCB has worked to serve the Vermont community in providing whatever it takes to provide healthcare to anyone and everyone.

Having spent over 10 years living in Vermont, and having been an active member of the community, it has always struck me that Vermont is a game-changer. In regards to healthcare, we are ahead of our times. While the major changes we have made may only seem to make a tiny ripple of effect on the federal level, I truly believe the small steps the Vermont community makes are changes that will serve as a model for many other states in the years to come. After living away from Vermont for a few years it has become obvious to me that the small Green Mountain State in the Northeast makes big waves, sets trends, and remains not only a state, but, rather, a community at large.

The Long Trail, the oldest known long distance hiking trail in the United States, stretches the length of Vermont for approximately 272 miles. It twists and turns through lush forests, climbs craggy peaks, and ducks into small towns. It is symbolic in that while it nearly slices the state lengthwise, it acts rather as a seam that ties everyone together. No one lives too far from part of the Long Trail. I am dedicating this Long Trail run to not only the individuals receiving the benefits of preventative healthcare, but also to those of us who are fighting each day to make preventative healthcare accessible, effective, and reliable to everyone.

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Paul Haus

Paul Haus

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