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The Looking Out Foundation amplifies the impact of music by empowering those without a voice. From neighborhood to nation, we help fund causes and organizations that often go unnoticed. Founded in 2008 by Grammy-nominated artists Brandi Carlile, Tim and Phil Hanseroth, we band together with fans, nonprofits, and corporations to translate voices of song to voices of action. We are nimble to the ever-changing needs of the human race, and adapt to support the diverse demographic we serve. Every campaign we launch is backed by our passionate donors and fans, and $1 from every concert ticket sold goes directly toward our efforts. Together, we’re making music mean more. Tax ID 45-5300890



We are fueled by the spirit of our fans and donors and reciprocate that energy back into communities around the world.


We believe it is our job as artists to generate awareness about issues and injustices in our world, and we are on a constant quest to grow our support base and create change.

Musically inspired:

We are bound by our shared passion for music and it serves as a vehicle for the impact we aim to deliver.