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Los Angeles OIC has provided over 200 computers and computer literacy training for low-income families and veterans living in public housing. The goal is to continue the training and computer placement for the remaining 6,100 households and 21,380 residents of the 14 public housing complexes in Los Angeles.

Public housing in Los Angeles averages a 60% unemployment rate and a 58% school dropout rate. 85% of all corporations not post their job opportunities on their website. Aplications are located on corporate websites and are submitted electronically.

A computer illiterate high school student who has never used a computer to complete their homework assignments stands no chnce of getting into college.

Computers in libraries are only available 8am to 5pm. When do you use your computer? I make my point.  The computer belongs in the home.

We have also partnered with the University of Southern California School of Social Work who have evaluated the impact that technology has on reducing unemployment and reducing school dropouts.

Their 42-page evaluation report of our "Computers For Families" program  released by the University of Southern California can be sent to you by sending your request to

Your donation will make a tremendous difference.