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Losing Hope Fast! Our Family Desperately Needs Your Help!

Organized by: Bruce G

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April 4, 2014

To Whom So Ever It May Concern … Our Family Plea for YOUR Help!

Please contact us by email as we don’t want to cause an embarrassment for our children by giving out our last names here. One son is in the 8th. Grade at the Middle School and the other is a Junior at the High School. Kid’s can be heartless at those ages and would make fun of them if any of the students knew of this letter … that’s why we are using discretion with this post.

First of all I would like to tell you that we are not asking for charity … we are asking for your help and assistance to be repaid as we can.
We just don’t know what to do anymore and our time is running out?

We are proud parents, proud individuals, and just doing the very best that we can … but that just isn’t good enough.

It seem like nobody cares … and I just refuse to believe that … generally speaking I believe most people are good inside ... as we are too.

We would not originally have been in this tragic situation if it were not for life changes and other tragic situations that have forced us to be.

Back in July we lost our home to severe “Black Mold” and other problems and it had to be demolished ... it was just too bad to save!
We did not want to lose our home as this home has been in the family approximately 50 years … but we did!

At a time approaching the worst times in our lives … we had to find a new place to live, get furniture, basically start all over again … we lost so much!
That event … and so much more … we’re on the verge of losing everything! We don’t want to lose our current home but we’re behind in our rent and it’s just a matter of time before we will be asked to get out … if forced to leave, we would more than likely, without question, will be homeless, all of us … myself and the children.

The problems actually started when our original mortgage broker of a loan to fix up the house lied to us, we were misinformed on so many things, and we fell into what most would call a mortgage trap.

Secondly, my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when she was pregnant with our son youngest son. Over time she was permanently disabled, but she had at that point in time been using a wheelchair for many years.

A while ago she applied for Social Security Disability but she was denied benefits because she needed to apply within 4 years of leaving her place of employment… it works on a point system. For those first 4 years of leaving she was able to get around and didn’t need it at that time … now that she really does need it … the system denied her benefits due to the fact that she didn’t apply within those first 4 years of leaving her employer. And to think, she gave 18 years of hard work putting into the very system that turned their backs on her when she truly and desperately needed it the most.

My wife does not work, she did get SSI … “Supplemental Social Security” of over $700.00 per month but they reduced that benefit recently to $30.00 per month because she is not presently living at home … she is at ManorCare Health Services - Parma at 9056 Sprague Road in Parma, Ohio. But hopefully … she will be back home with all of us soon.

On top of that Social Security said that for 4 months that they overpaid her over $3,000.00 and they want that money back immediately. And they even sent a bill and a self-addressed stamped envelope!

Previously she was with the Kmart Corporation for 18 years, she had to quit because she found out she has Multiple Sclerosis, all while pregnant with our youngest child. We too had it all at one point in our lives. Married for 22 years, we moved from Hinckley, Ohio to North Royalton, Ohio when her mother passed away in 1999.

Her mother wanted us to care for her father, the father of my wife whom also lived with us, he too has Multiple Sclerosis. I provided a great deal of care for my wife, our children, and wife’s father who again also has Multiple Sclerosis … without realizing it I experienced what they call “Caregiver Burnout!”

As I said, we have 2 young children and everything seemed liked like we had a perfect family setting before then.

One day my wife was having some weakness and trouble with her eyes, it was linked to her Multiple Sclerosis which she did not know she had at that time.
She was referred to an eye specialist who examined her and immediately referred her to a Neurologist, Dr. Roswell B. Dorsett III, DO., who immediately ordered an MRI. The MRI confirmed she had Multiple Sclerosis … all in a very short time, without much notice or warning, we would never have dreamed or have any idea that something like this would ever happen to our family and the hardships to follow!

Our lives came crashing down all around us, who would ever dream or have any idea that something like this would ever happen to our family … after all … isn’t it supposed to happen to someone else and never us … well we were that someone else … our lives so forever drastically changed!

I was 57 Years Old on June 26th and I too have my own severe medical issues. Realistically … who wants to hire a 57 year old male with his own health problems???

This tragic situation is what’s occurring NOW!!!
And we’re just hoping if we sincerely reach out … someone, somewhere will actually care!

Of course, my wife will never be able to work due to her Multiple Sclerosis. She can’t get around unless she is strapped into a wheelchair and pushed by another person as she has absolutely NO use of her arms or legs anymore and NEVER will, she is 100% confined to a wheelchair to go absolutely anywhere … otherwise she’s in a hospital bed. She’s on her back and cannot turn on her own … to prevent bedsores … when she is on her side she needs to be rolled onto her side and propped up with pillows. She cannot be maneuvered into a wheelchair as her ankles and legs could fracture while pivoting her into a wheelchair! She cannot walk at all … she can’t even pivot or slide. In order to get her into a wheelchair, they have to use what is known as a “Hoyer Lift” which I can only describe it as a crane with straps to lift a human! She has lost control of her bodily functions and must wear an adult diaper to be changed first thing in the morning and right before bed time, or as needed. She is a 100% complete women mentally, my wife, my best friend, my children’s mother living in a 100% completely forever broken body!

She experiences extreme pain and muscle spasms in her legs 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year that makes living and coping with everyday life a major chore. She does have a food brace on to keep her foot from rolling but that too has to be propped up with a pillow! She is also on a medication to help ease these severe muscle spasms in here legs with very little noticeable effect.

To help her Multiple Sclerosis she needs 1 injection per week of Avonex 30 MCG/0.5ML manufactured by BIOGEN, this is an INTERFERON BETA - 1A medication. A very, very, very expensive medication!!!
She needs this medication to survive!!!

Again, back to our children … we do have two young children, age 14, who turned 14 on September 14th 2013, and our older son age 17, who turned 17 on May 28th 2013, and this is extremely difficult on both of them, it’s beyond belief and overwhelming. Having young children, and I her husband, is the only thing keeping her going. But… having two very young children ages 14 and 17, and their mother not being able to go on walks with them ever again, run with them ever again, go on hikes with them ever again, ride a bike with them ever again, going sled riding, to county fairs, and so many other things take their toll upon everyone!

Not to mention, the very mean and very spiteful comments other children make in our children’s school is extremely horrific and intolerable but it happens often!!!

Especially some time ago after I would wheel my wife in her wheelchair for our children’s school activities and events, plays, band concerts, and many other school events requiring parent attendance. For many years we were always the Head Room Parents for both of our children.

Seeing and experiencing all the high’s and low’s, the up’s and downs, the struggles, fears, tears, hardships and struggles … this alone has made me more receptive to the needs and requirements of my family.

We sincerely believe that someday soon, financially things will look brighter in our future, hopefully BEFORE its way to late … that point of no return!
We respectfully request that all those involved work with us to save our family from any future hardships!

When I first started this letter I wrote we wanted to make it clear that we are not asking for charity … we are proud parents, proud individuals and just doing the very best we can but that it just isn’t good enough.

My father died on June 3rd and we are expecting money from his passing but also some other sources … but we’re just running out of time … it will just be too late to save our family and keep our family together … once we’re broken up … I don’t know what will happen!
But I do have Collateral to offer you!

Everything I say is the God’s truth and can be backed up and proven … this is not a scam in absolutely any which way, shape form or regard whatsoever!
I will invite you to meet my children and my wife in the nursing home!

We need your help desperately and will when we can, we will repay you every penny borrowed … and I believe God will repay you many, many, many times over! I believe what goes around, comes around!

Again, Please contact us by email as we don’t want to cause an embarrassment for our children by giving out our last names here. One son is in the 8th. Grade at the Middle School and the other is a Junior at the High School. Kid’s can be heartless at those ages and would make fun of them if any of the students knew of this letter … that’s why we are using strict discretion with this post.

God Bless You and Your Loved Ones … Hoping someone … anyone will respond to this post … please let’s talk!

God Bless You and Your Loved Ones… 


A Family in Desperate Need!

Karen is in the same skilled care facility as her dad presently is; he DIED the other night … April 3rd 2014 at about 1:00 am in the morning! We don’t even know if Karen will be able to go to her dad’s funeral as it may be too just much of a burden on her to be transported by private ambulance and back.
What can go wrong next???

We worry so much about our rent, the utility payments, the kids, food, and everything else … I would love to get through just one night without waking up several time during the night in a sweat with nightmares of what our future holds!


Organized by

Bruce G

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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