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Kate Ernst's Fundraiser:

Lost Lake Breath of Life Race Fundraiser!

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Kate Ernst


Hello friends! I have joined a team to run the Lost Lake Breath of Life Run in August here in Seward, Alaska to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis. CF is a chronic, progressive, and frequently fatal genetic (inherited) disease of the body’s mucus glands. CF primarily affects the respiratory and digestive systems in children and young adults. Eventually the mucus will build up, causing infection and eventually respiratory failure. A patient of mine with CF told me that living with the disease was like waking up every morning with something in your chest--- somtimes a tennis ball, and other times a brick. He told me that he felt like he was breathing through a garden hose, his anxiety increasing as he became more air hungry--the hose turning into a straw. According to the CDC, there are about 30,000 Americans, 3,000 Canadians, and 20,000 Europeans with CF. 

Personally, I am running for not only those suffering with CF, but also to support transplant donors and their families, and the support system of friends, family, and medical staff that are involved in the battle with CF. I have the pleasure of knowing one tough cookie who has remained resilient in his personal fight with CF. He has received two lung transplants and continues to fight this relentless disease like a warrior. I am not only running to support Dan and his family, but also to take each step, thankful for these organ donor for providing hope and health with their own donated lungs. I have witnessed many families on both sides of the emotional spectrum of organ donation. The donor's family, heart broken, but thankful that their loved one's lungs with continue to breath for someone else. The recipient and their family, overwhelmed with gratitude, hope, and most of all, time. I am thankful for Dan and his family, watching the strength and perseverance as they continue to fight. I am thankful for the donors who provided Dan his lungs, and their families who embrace organ donation. Please help me raise the funds (by June 30th) for the fight against CF so that I can run the 15.75 miles cross-country race with a peak elevation of 2,100 feet--a huge challenge for me, but nothing compared to the every day challenges that a patient with CF must endure. Thank you!



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