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Lot 2545 Inc

Loving the least of these in Kampala, Uganda Tax ID 45-3789350


LOT2545 works in Kampala, Uganda.   Our name comes from Matthew 25:45 which says, "Whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me."  For us, the least of these are teens and youth living on the streets of Kampala.  We focus on this age group because it is the most overlooked.  The latest estimate puts the number of kids living on the streets of Kampala over 10,000, with the majority of them being boys.  When the boys are younger, they survive by rummaging through trash piles looking for scrap metal and plastic to sell to recyclers.  The older a boy gets, the less possible that option is, so they turn to more dangerous options to survive.  


Generally, people offering assistance choose the younger boys because they are seen as more vulnerable and the older ones are perceived as being too wild, addicted to drugs, independent, and unable to change.   We know differently and are dedicated to giving them a chance at a bright future.  We help them to prepare for their futures by giving them a safe space off of the streets where they can begin to heal and providing them opportunities in education or vocational training.  


We also have the honor of employing a group of single moms to make paper bead jewelry from us.  They make the most beautiful jewelry from recycled paper.   They are paid per piece that they make, which allows them to care for their families and send their children to school.  You can shop our Kwagala Jewelry Line HERE.  


Thank you for joining us on our journey of loving the least of these.  To learn more visit our WEBSITE.

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