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Louis Carr

Louis Carr
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Rubber membrane roofing is a roofing system ideal for flat roofs where water collection usually occurs. There are three types of membrane roofing that can be used for either commercial or residential application. These are synthetic rubber, thermoplastic membrane, and modified bitumen. Each type offers great advantages over the more traditional roofing method of applying gravel and asphalt on flat roofs. Extreme Roofing offers exceptional products and they have a boneyard with highest collectiontiles in San Diego. You would do well to ask them if they could assist you with rubber membrane roofing.

There are many good reasons in choosing rubber membrane to cover the top of one's house. Unlike other popular roofing systems such as shingle, tile, or sheet metal, rubber roofing guarantees no leak because there are no nail holes resulting in its installation. Connecting points are sealed by simply attaching it to the roof sub-surface by using adhesive, making it impossible for standing water to gain entry into the roof interior. You can click here to see if you can glean more info about rubber membrane roofing.

Installing Rubber Membrane Roofing

Taking on a project as big as roof installation is something that should be left to the care of experts. You can easily find Roof Repair San Diego contractors like Extreme Roofing. However, if you want to do it yourself, the information found here can teach you how. Before the roofing material is rolled down, there is the need to remove the existing roof surface including nails and all the debris. Make sure that all loose roof sections are firmly attached to avoid any gap. Gaps that are more than the size of a quarter inch must be covered with any solid strip. The rubber membrane is not apt to cover big gaps.

To install rubber roofing, you'll need a push broom, roller, and a special type of adhesive meant for rubber roofing. Starting from the roof's bottom, roll out the rubber membrane from one side of the roof going towards the center then to the other end. Leave it undisturbed for half an hour before folding the bottom half overlapping to the top half. Use the push broom to sweep the bare deck as well as the rubber membrane. To apply the special adhesive, use a roller to spread it onto the rubber membrane and the exposed deck. Unfold the membrane back to its usual location slowly and carefully. Check if the adhesive has already bonded by using a stiff bristled broom to secure the membrane down to the roof deck. Repeat the whole process on the other side of the membrane.

Allow a six-inch overlap to ensure that there is proper adhesion between two sections. This becomes a smooth surface for water to flow down from the top edge to the lower end of the roof. Proceed to apply adhesive to the other section one at a time until the entire roof is completely covered with rubber membrane. The key to a successful rubber membrane installation is a perfect weather condition when chances of rain are nil for at least three days to allow the adhesive to dry well and become waterproof.

When installation is done correctly, rubber membrane roofing becomes a seamless roofing system that can effectively eliminate all leaking problems normally experience with flat roofs. This strong material requires low maintenance, and if ever the need arises, it only involves some simple patching. This innovative roofing system is directly attached to the top of the roof, making it a lightweight load for the entire structure.

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