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Robert Weagly's Fundraiser:

Louisiana Relief Dungeon Crawl

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BENEFITING: American Red Cross


EVENT DATE: Nov 12, 2016

Robert Weagly


Jarrett Sigler wrote -

General Info

Hello, My name is Jarrett Sigler, a game-writer and game enthusiast. I'm hosting a one time event November 12th, 2016 to assist the flood victims of Louisiana. This one time event is a Pathfinder Role-Playing Game Tournament set in the world of X-Crawl. X-Crawl is an extreme sport, dungeon crawling for fame, fortune, and fun! You can participate! For this event, there is a 10 dollar entry fee (taken on this page) you and your friends can compete in GLORIOUS COMBAT for prizes and riches and glorious stories to tell your friends back home. Donating 10 dollars to this event will secure you a single seat at the Masonic Lodge in Bloomington, IL. The event will be going from 9 am Saturday, November 12th to roughly 8 pm. There will be a small award ceremony for the glorious victors, and prizes to hand out. If you cannot attend, but feel generous, feel free to donate in the name of your favorite champion. During the event they will be able to USE these funds to sabotage other teams during the dungeon crawl. Once donated in the name of your specific team champion, it is up to them to use it.


Said before, participation in the event requires a 10 dollar entry fee.  You are allowed to create a single level 7 character using the Pathfiner Role–Playing Game rules system, Pathfiner Role–Playing Game compatable X–Crawl materials, and game materials from Wayward Rogues products.

Character creation rules:

  • 7th Level.  Maximum Hit points per hit die.
  • 23,500 gp.  No more than 1/4th of that amount may be on a single item.
  • 20 point buy for statistics.
  • Basic Races (Human, dwarf, elf, half–elf, half–orc, halfling, gnome)
  • Physical copies of your character class must be present.
  • 6th level scrolls or lower may be purchased.
  • Item Creation feats are not allowed.
  • Character must be built and sent to no later than 1 week before.  Character sheets must be in PDF format.  A physical copy of the character sheet must be present, as a back up for digital character sheet failure.
  • Excentric and silly characters are encouraged.  It is also encouraged to have a picture or a desired hollywood actor who would play your character in the movie version of the crawl.

Pay Insentives

On site there will be numerous pay insentives.  Some of which will be sabotages.  Some will be equipment granted to your character at that point to assist with creation.  Please be ready to be generous.  This is a fund-raiser after all; some pay insentives may assist or grant a competitive edge.

Your victory will be all the sweeter if you do not use them, but you will be going agianst the spirit of the event.


Winning and Scoring
For the sake of ease:  The dungoen will consist of many rooms.  Each room cleared will be 1 point for the team.  Each Trap disarmed will be 1 point for the team.

At the end of a four hour time slot, your total points will be accrued and delivered to the Dungeon Judge for entering in to the grand Score-List.  The team with the most points will be awarded.

Opportunities for BONUS points:  There will be a number of optional rooms, and additional challenges.  These challenges will be dangerous but worth additional points, the point awarded by the bonus points will be CLEARLY disclosed for the challenge.



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