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Lou Anne Leather

Lou Anne Leather
Debary, FL United States
Stuff About Me:

     Hello everyone, As a great many bikers who know me, know that i am a nurse and if you have my phone number and need one on one medical help i will be there if i am not busy with another person. This is why i am in Fl. right now. You see i am taking care of two families both with Alzheimer's and they live one town apart which makes it nice on dring. And for the bikers and the shows i have helped out because i have donated all repair money to all the benefits and fundraisers i have done. But back in 2010 i had to have upper neck and back surgery done because i was missing all my disc from C2 through C7. So to say the least my nephew now has all 7 heavey duty leather sewing machines and he was told " as long as you keep doing what i have done they are yours. " And he is a great kid and now understands why i sewed in flip flops with a 3/4 HP motor.

     But having a lot of time on my hands in 2010 and being told " No more sewing or riding " i started to wright a book with a great amount of info. in it. Don't let the title fool ya because it is titled " Epilepsy is more than just seizures " You see i have have seizures from the time i was 8 months old as well as being pronounced dead three times! This is not a joke, doctors kept telling my family not to expect me to go home alive. But i got into nursing because i noticed a good many things that trigger the seizures and some of these things include; hot to cold to fast, smells of all kinds, the fuel we burn in our cars and trucks,,and even foods and spices.

     But having grown up in a very large medical family you learn a great many things including that there are seven ways to get Free Medical Care and none of them are Medicaid, Medicare, Disability, or Obama Care !!! And i also list well over 100 ways to get Free Medication and who to call with there phone numbers. I am not kidding you at all.

     I also have in my book old Indian herbal ways that do really work and explain how i know these things. And yes i am part Cherokee Indian as well and i grew up knowing these things from my great great aunts as well as my grandmother passing these things down. It's a shame they are no longer being passed down anymore. And yes there are two things a person that has been told they have Cancer that they need to get and drink and it does work.

     I even have an area in the book on how to use nature to clean your deer hides, and that will shock you there is one thing everyone can do to de-hair a hide using nature. As well as what to use on your leathers so they will not fall apart or rot on you. And even the right and wrong ways to put on a confederate flag patch. Yes there is a wrong way and i have seen many of the wrong ones sewn on.

I also have and list well OVER 100 ways to het FREE OR LOW COST MEDICATION! And when i say Low Cost TRY $4.00 a perscriscrition Low!  This is not a joke at all. You see when i told you in the start i grew up in a large medical family i mean it because these are them. My grandmother retied doing billing in the hospital, My mother ran both hospitals & Nursing homes through the age of 72 and she is 73 now. My older sister and i are both nuurses, My mothers sister teaches nursing and works for the VA., as well as i have over a dozen cousins that are all nurses as well. So yes i grew up in a very larhe medical family.

      What i am hoping to do is to give everyone in the U.S. a Free copy of this book. Because i have so many things that i know work. So as you can tell i work on the book when i have time between the two families. And they run me like crazy. So ya all please take care & ride safely, Lou Anne


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