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My name is Alyssa. I’m 21 years old, I’m a mom, and I’m fighting for my life. . During my third pregnancy I found out it my heart condition had flared up again. I was thankfully surprised with a beautiful baby girl. I say surprised because my whole pregnancy I was told I was having a boy. After being home for a week my cramping became unbearable. I went back to the hospital and found out some devestating news. The reason I had a boy amniotic result was because I was pregnant with twins. The baby never devolped past 11 weeks. He was never viable. The doctors never caught it and it caused an infection in my body. I starting vomiting constantly and got extremley sick. I became malnourished. Due to the infection and malnourishment I went into live failure. I got denied for a transplant because I am not a viable candidate. My dr’s appelead on my behalf and now I’m just waiting. I am on a medication that is supposed to reverse the damage. So I am keeping my hopes up and praying A LOT. We are a big and happy family. Our children are aged 8,6,4,2, and 2 months. We don’t have much, but we have each other and in the end I think that’s all that matters. I am rasing money to help with prescription cost as well as out of pocket medical exspenses. Also my mom wants to be able to provide ned of life care since my fiance works full time and he is the only income source since I can't work. In order for my mom to be able to help us, she would have to quit her job as she does not yet qualify for FMLA since she has not been there for a full year. She would have no income to sustain her home while caring for me. We also need help with legal fees so that custody can be taken care of. I would truly like to build memories with my family so in case of my passing they have good times to remember. I do not want them to remember me dying. I want them to remember me living.



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