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What is Love and Faith Health Foundation?

Love and Faith Health Foundation was founded in 2011 by Hannah and Derrick Cumbee. They started Love and Faith Health Foundation to help save lives throughout the world who are less fortunate and not educated in health. Hannah and Derrick truly believe that through Love and Faith they can save not one life with this Foundation, but save all lives.


The Love and Faith Health Foundation Mission

Our mission is to promote health and wellness throughout the world. We believe that this can be accomplished through Love and Faith.

Love- unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another

Faith- firm belief in something for which there is no proof


Our Growth

Love and Faith Health Foundation has been very active in the Andrews community since August 1, 2011. Love and Faith has opened its first health and wellness center in the rural town of Andrews, SC located within Georgetown County. This center has proven change within a community that was suffering from obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The center has helped many people change unhealthy lifestyles for the good. We have hosted health seminars that included health professionals that shared their knowledge on the affects of unhealthy lifestyles, and explained how the people can make a change for the better. With the support of people throughout the world, we believe that we can help many more communities similar to Andrews make a difference.