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Well see, there is a boy and girl and everytime they try and finally get to be together, something comes along and ruins it. We have both been in our lows and still here. 5 years they grew up before they began dating and they were on and off for a year and now they are determine to be there for each other, for the rest of their lives.The girl grew up in a house in Texas. Her mother got Lupus when the girl was born and the lady couldn't hold her own child. So the little girls grandparents took care of her as the mom got into better health. The little girl had to learn quicker than normal kids cause she already had to take care of her mom. The girl grew up basically living in a hospital cause he mother and grandfather had a bad state of health. When she turned 7, her Uncle who was her best friend she called everyday died. This was her first funeral, she didnt cry all she did was leave a note, 'I love you Uncle James. Ill miss you.' When she was 10, her mothers health worsen to where she was on 20 pills a day and ER visits monthly, maybe weekly. Age 17, her grandfather was in a state of close to his time and everyone rushed her up to the hospitals. She was told how he wasn't moving and the machines were keeping him alive. She walked in the room and sat down beside him, saying his name for her, 'Pappy', rang in his ears and the man curled in his bed to where he was close to the girl and grasping her hand tightly not letting go as he rested. She was asked to stay be she denied and wished to go to school, as her last words were, 'Hey, I love you, I'll see you tomorrow, alright? I know you want to say I love you too..' with that the old man shed a tear and the machine made gin breath as he nodded and everyone else crying. She left that room knowing she wouldn't see him tomorrow, but she would see him in a week, in a casket. That was her second funeral, she cried and left her favorite necklace with him. Age 19, shes out of high school, trying to make a life, taking care of her mom 24/7. They didnt get along at times but they loves each other, even when they were mad. One night the girl went to her friends and stayed up, the boy snoring in her ear on the phone as he fell asleep so she hung up to not wake him. Then she gets a text that her parents are going to the ER, that was normal to see now. She then was text again to come up that 'It's bad.' So she brings her friend and leaves a note for jet friends sister that we will be back and that 'Whatever happens, we love you.' We get to the ER and her dad is standing there as he sighs and says, ''She is bleeding in her head and they cant do surgery cause her blood is too thin..They say she isn't going.to make it.' The girl nodded and let him stay with her mom and went into the waiting room. She began to call people as she knew /this was it./ Her mother is dying and its time fir her to do what she said. So she calls everyone who she loved dearly. She finally gets a room, the girl hasn't slept now in 2 days. The boy is texting her to keep her comfort as he knew how to calm her. Then finally she decides to leave with her friend and will be back up later. Her and her friend talk about how they know its time, soon as they get home she passes out, only to be woken up to people trying to bet ahold of her. She made her way home to find her father getting home.as well. To hear, 'She's gone.' And she just nodded and went to take a shower. That was when the girl cried, she screamed silently and she knew many things wont be the same. Then she was incharge of her funeral as it was small but so many people. That was her third.funeral. That is her now, she is about to turn 20 and her and the boy are still together. She just wants up there now, away from all her sad.past and finally make a great future, that girl is me. My name is Jamie, all you read is true, we.were.also a very poor family and now we are only worsening and if I leave and finally get everything going, I cant help him.pay for everything. So please, help.



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