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I am hoping to raise $500.00 in order to donate to the local animal shelter. I have seen pets in need and I hope to give them the hope and love it takes to get back up on their feet. I have a dog and he is my life. If anything happened to Pepper, I would feel so alone without him.That's how those animals feel when they are stuck in a homeless environment .They're so alone, no one to play with except for a bowl and a cage. They need a home, but people sometimes don't want them if they are sick. Every dog wants a home. They want a home to play and have a regular family. A place where they can call home. I am hoping to get about 3/4 of the money through donation, and about 1/4 I am going to be selling rainbow loom products. Rainbow loom by choon's design, is a great brand name.It has helped me connect with the part of me that is very crafty. I enjoy the craft of learning new techniques on the rainbow loom. By purchasing one of my crafts, you will be helping a great cause and you will help save he life of an animal. Enjoy a great product!


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In Memory of Lucy 5 years ago

britt graham

britt graham

I encourage you to donate to this wonderful cause! 5 years ago