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A partnership to assist in improving the quality of life of children on the Fort Peck Reservation Tax ID 45-3047115


Most Americans are not aware of the third world conditions these kids must endure

-Highest suicide rate in US (10x national average)

-Life expectancy, disease, poverty of a third world country

-Disease rates unrivaled in the US (diabetes is 4x national average)

-40% high school dropout rate

-Crime, drugs and alcohol abuse that starts in middle school

-75% unemployment

This is something we can beat if we do it as a team.  Now more than ever with all the ecological challenges we are faced with, the original “Keepers of the Earth’ voice needs to be heard.  Your participation goes way beyond another social or economic measure, the urgency comes from these are inalienable human right…their time has come.  

As a result of this hopelessness, many of the children struggle with obesity and a lack of physical fitness.  Food sadly, becomes abused and becomes a source of comfort.  Many kids are grossly overweight on the reservation.  Our project will bring the kids together in fun competition and rekindle their spirit to get moving again, make better decisions and become involved with life again.   

Please help the kids by donating immediately  

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