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To support deployed military combat troops serving in the Middle East with ties to Manatee and Sarasota Counties, before, during and after deployment. Family members are also supported with social activities and holiday celebrations. Troops receive at least one box of love a month filled with Beef Jerky, Slim-Jims, Cookies, Crackers, Socks, batteries, personal care items and mail from home. Weekly Horseback Riding, guitar lessons, monthly packing parties and other activities keep our veterans and their families engaged in the community. Tax ID 80-0449652


The support that MOTS offers makes a big difference in the lives of deployed combat troops, and in the lives of their spouses, children, and even their parents.As a parent it is hard to let a child go out into the world. But to watch them enter a world that is totally foreign and dangerous is an even bigger burden on their hearts.

Parents who attend our packing parties are often overwhelmed by their emotions as they gather and glance at photos on the walls.  But they end up crying and laughing with others who know just how they feel. Parents appreciate seeing perfect strangers showing up with open hearts and loving hands ready to pack up some hometown kindness and support for our local troops. They are amazed at the number of people who show up early on a Saturday morning. And they marvel at how a loose conga line of folks weaves through the warehouse of food, assembling personalized boxes of food and fun that are all taped, stacked and ready to ship in less than an hour! A special job well done by special people. It helps a parent feel that they are not so alone in their own personal battle.

Note from a troop:

"Thank you to the one who packed my box. Thank you to the one who folded and taped my box. Thank you to the one who shopped for my goodies and spent your hard earned dollar to make me feel special. Thank you to the one who addressed my box. And can't forget the one who took it to the post office! Any and everyone who has ever had anything to do with this organization.....THANK YOU!

I was feeling lonely today in GTMO Cuba, missing family, and thinking about missing Christmas with my children. Then my name popped up on the mail list! I got excited, rushed to the mailroom...and to my surprise.....a Christmas Gift from people who don't even know me! Know that you are making a difference in our morale and in our matter how small your part! Merry Christmas to you all! Thank you, and I LOVE YOU!"

Christian Rochelle