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Tax ID: 71-1016574
BASED: Ithaca, NY, United States


Long-term Relief

Rebuilding Hearts, Rebuilding Homes

There is an arc of interest for every disaster that happens. At first, hearts are opened.  Tears are shed.  All eyes are on the situation.  Stories and updates flood the media.  Money is generously shared to rescue people in the emergency phase of the disaster;  to provide food, medicine, and shelter.  All of this is crucial and life-saving.  Then time passes.  Another disaster or big news story occurs, and after a while, the people recovering from the initial disaster are old news...largely forgotten...assumed to be rescued, but, in truth, many are still nowhere near whole again, nor home again.  That's where we come in...


Love Knows No Bounds is a second-phase disaster relief organization, attending to the long-term needs of disaster survivors.  We call our model of relief The 4 Rs: Rebuilding Homes, Redistribution of Home Furnishings, Respite, and Revitalization of Communities.  


We know that some people are quicker to get help than others, so we prioritize working with the people who have fallen through the cracks left by insurance company loopholes, government inefficiencies, local organization overwhelm, and the various isms that inform which parts of the disaster-stricken area will receive investment first.  Many times, the people we meet and end up working with were just about to throw in the towel on ever being at home again and have suffered crippling depression from being in endless limbo.


Engaging hundreds of volunteers since 2006, we have helped families in New Orleans, Binghamton, New York City, Ithaca, and Haiti get back to living their lives after devastating events.


And we're just getting started. We want to change the conversation about disaster relief and remind people that, like our slogan says, "It's Not Over Until Everyone's Home!"


In the end, we want to be there for people the way a best friend would be there for us...not just at the beginning, not just when things are starting to turn around, but all the way through the recovery process into joy and thriving!


That's what defines Love Knows No Bounds.



Tax ID: 71-1016574 •


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