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Living Philanthropic: November Charity

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ORGANIZER: Carlo Lorenzo

Jeremy Bersin


Carlo Garcia wrote -

I want to introduce myself My name is Carlo and my mission is to give to charity every day for a year. This mission is built on a belief that you don't have to be rich in dollars to make a difference, you only need to be rich in spirit. I may not always be able to give a lot, but I will Give Everyday. I started a blog called Living Philanthropic to help me catalog my journey. The support I have received has been overwhelming and I am inspired by all the support. I have received some requests from fans for places to donate, so I am expanding my mission and will be picking a monthly charity to sponsor, and if you feel inclined please feel free to show them your support.

In high school, I spent a lot of my time volunteering for a variety of organizations from the Ronald McDonald House to soup kitchens to Marklund’s Children Home. My experience at Marklund was further highlighted by a very personal revelation in my own family which led me to a deep interest in the developmental disabled.

It was this interest that lead me to want to direct Toronto, Mississippi by Joan MacLeod. At its heart is Jhana, whose character begs the question whether the other characters - her mother, a boarder in her house, and her Elvis Impersonator father are any less handicapped than she is. She’s good company-funny, driven, passionate and yearning for the same things those around her yearn for-if they can get over their preconceptions about the mentally handicapped and give her the space to achieve her dreams. My hopes is that this production will give a voice to a special relative in my life. As part of my Living Philanthropic mission, I will be donating $1 to Marklund’s Children Home for every ticket purchased for Toronto, Mississippi at Mary-Arrchie Theatre.

Marklund enriches the lives of those with special healthcare needs by honoring the unique purpose of each individual. Those they serve are able to enjoy a full and meaningful life supported by a compassionate, nurturing environment; a strong partnership with the community; and an unmatched dedication to personal growth.

Thanks for the support!

Take the Living Philanthropic Challenge Options:
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Give once. Give Everyday.



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