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One Paw at a Time. Tax ID 23-7274035


Everyday is a challenge for all animal shelters and rescues, but we all have the same goal... to save them all. Some aren't as fortunate as others and they struggle from day to day.


The La Plata County Humane Society (LPCHS) used to be one of those shelters. The staff saw animals being euthanized on a daily basis, but we finally put our foot down and said,"WE HAD ENOUGH!". It's been almost a decade since an animal was euthanized for space at LPCHS. We changed, we evolved, we grew with the times and we're proud of what we do now. Since we matured into what we are now, we've been able to help other animal shelters by transferring in animals from their facility to ours. We network, communicate and connect with our community and with others that seek the same ideals as us. We're no ordinary humane society... we're YOUR humane society! Not only are we helping our community on a local level, but we're also making a difference on a regional level.


Please donate to LPCHS because we will utilize every last penny towards saving the lives of dogs, cats and all animals that deserve the best life possible. We can only make the change with YOUR help though.


Help Us. Help Them. One Paw at a Time.

Thank you.