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Luchie Alberto

Luchie Alberto
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
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THis is the bio created by the team. after a phone interview and several emails back and forth.

Hopefully it will be inspiring enough to share our good fortune and help in any which way possible.

And at the end of the day we find meaning and put to good use our obstacles in life, to bounce back

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The Philippines

From badminton to bungee jumping, this woman is game on

It all started with volleyball in her school days. Luchie Alberto, Channels Manager in The Philippines, finds it hard to say no to a new-to-her sport. After graduating college and starting work, she switched to badminton and ultimately began running when putting together a team sport became difficult. Along the way, she has dabbled in bungee jumping, river riding, BMX, and waterfall trekking.

Maybe that’s not all that hard to believe—except when you consider that she’s an asthmatic.

“Nowadays my running companions include my inhaler, my headband and my towellete, the cheap kind you buy on the side streets of Manilla. I can’t race without them,” says the ebullient 40-year-old.

Her running, which started as pretty much jogging around the neighborhood, took a serious turn when she entered a 5K Fun Run for women in 2009. How could she not? The run was organized by her personal role model, Filipina Triathlete and Senator Pia Cayetano.

“She inspires me the way she is able to balance her athletic discipline, her career and her family lives so well,” says Luchie.

From there, her running commitment expanded as she entered 10Ks and 21Ks—although she inadvertently took the next step towards a full marathon by forgetting her GPS during one 21K, missed a turn and ended up finishing a 32K. For now, even though her friends are shooting for ultra-marathons, she is drawing the line—at least for now.

The Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon in 2011 became her entry point into the world of marathons, although it happened quite by accident. She had been trying to persuade a couple of Singaporean friends to think about leading a healthier lifestyle and made a pact with them to train for and run in the event. Ironically, while Luchie finished the marathon, her friends, reassigned to a position overseas, could not be there.

“That particular marathon was memorable for me because I finished with a time of 7:45. I had gotten sick the day before the race and, of course, I am asthmatic. But since I’d trained and was there already, I decided to go ahead and brought along my meds and my inhaler. I was banking on my strong will and some prayers,” says Luchie.

In fact, she devised a strategy to break the race down into manageable pieces; she would complete 10 K at a time and assess at each milestone, whether she could continue. Nonetheless, it was a “grueling and grilling” experience. As a neophyte to marathoning, she wasn’t aware of the necessity to train during the hottest part of the day.

“That particular run always reminds me of mind over matter and making the impossible possible,” Luchie says.

It was only a matter of time before Luchie set her sights on a triathlon, approaching it from a unique angle. She and her friends formed a relay team—one person running, the other cycling and the last one swimming—and she took on the running aspect. But in 2014, entering as part of an all-woman team, Luchie opted to take on the cycling, despite the hassle and expense of traveling with a tri-bike. Since her only cycling experience was as a 10-year-old doing BMX, she took on a cycling coach—and ultimately trained for all three legs. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out she is doing a triathlon nowadays.

It’s been a journey, from grade-school volleyballer to triathlete, but Luchie has set goals all along the way. And she’s proud of what she’s accomplished.

“It’s not easy being an asthmatic and a scared open water swimmer and an accidental biker, but I’ve been given a chance to do all of these things. What I love and am proud of, whether it’s as a runner or a triathlete or just being in any sport, is the chance to maximize my potential through hard work and patience. And it’s the same in sports, career and personal life,” says Luchie.

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