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Lucky Pup Dog

We're a small neighborhood non profit dog rescue in San Diego, California. We rescue all kinds of dogs from high kill shelters in the Southern California area, and find wonderful homes for them. It's not common knowledge, but many, many of the Southern California shelters kill their dogs after just 4 or 5 days. Beautiful, healthy, ADOPTABLE dogs, killed because they aren't given enough time to find a home. Tax ID 90-0753223


This year, it is our dream to open a retail pet store featuring just rescue dogs here in San Diego.

After rescuing 200 dogs over the last 3 years in our home, we know we can do more!   Thousands upon thousands of dogs are rounded up in the LA area , and San Bernardino area, thrown into shelters and killed after a few day. 

We want to bring rescue dogs front and center to the community.  Rescue dogs are awesome!   We hear it all the time, "it's just too depressing to go to the shelter".  We want to bring the dogs to the community in a happy environment.

We go to the shelter and save dogs, rehab them, spay, neuter, love them up and find them a new homes.  Done and Done!    We need a permanent place to show off our beauties!   We will no longer be dragging our dogs to an adoption event on Sundays-- is so passee... so stressful for our pups and our volunteers.  There is a better, more efficient way.  Becoming a permanent part of the community, rather than a traveling dog event.

We want to raise 50K for start up costs, grooming center, outdoor exercise area, rent, insurance, promotion, deposits.  We have a great donor base and adoption fees to cover our day to day expenses.  We are a 501c3, donations are tax deductible.