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Lucy Meyer's UNICEF Fundraiser

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Lucy Meyer


Meet Me---Lucy!

Hi Everyone

My name is Lucy Meyer and I really want to help UNICEF's children with disabilities. I am sooooo excited---the US Fund for UNICEF named me their official spokesperson for children with disabilities!!!

I have cerebral palsy because I didn't receive oxygen for five minutes at birth. It was a mess and very scary for my parents. (When I was just few days old, the doctors said that I would most likely never sit up or swallow.)

I am now 15-years-old. My cerebral palsy affects my eyes and speech a little. My right hand doesn't work as well as my left one, and my right heel won't touch the ground--so I am a "toe walker." School subjects are a little tougher for me than most kids and I can't button my pants!

BUT . . .With a little help I play soccer, softball, handball, basketball, tennis . . oh and I love to surf, swim, bike ride, and skateboard! I am in the Special Olympics this year and won two gold medals in swimming in Special Olympics last year! I am having so much fun just being me!!

I am in 8th grade and attend a public middle school school. My school practices what UNICEF is doing to help the UNICEF kids--they include kids with special needs! The school makes accommodations for my learning and physical disabilities and, most importantly,lets me contribute to making the school a better place! This year I was voted Vice President. I am having a total blast!!

I know some people see my disabilities, but for me, most of the time because of the environment that I am in, I forget that I have cerebral palsy!

It's not "big medical breakthroughs" or the latest and greatest medical treatment that are making such a difference in my life. Rather, it's people!! I wish I could tell you how great I feel at just being included and how special I feel that everyone (even people I don't know) find ways to help me so I can participate.

I love being with everyone--you are all so supportive--thank you!!!

My UNICEF website doesn't let me upload videos or high quality pictures--so now I have a Facebook page:

Please go to my Facebook page to see me in Washington, trick-or-treating and doing a lot of other things to help UNICEF's kids with disabilities.
My Goal: Help UNICEF's Kids with Disabilities

I want to help UNICEF’s kids with disabilities. UNICEF is making a huge difference by teaching others how to include kids with special needs. It makes me sad when kids cannot go to school, cannot play sports, and cannot do things that kids like to do. I want UNICEF to make it so that kids with disabilities can play, learn and have fun just like kids without disabilities.

What You Can Do To Help UNICEF and Me

I have created a fund for UNICEF to use to help kids with disabilities in developing countries go to school, play and have a better life. This is a fund that Unicef will be able to use forever (with your help of course!!)

I was the honorary host at UNICEF’s luncheon to help kids with disabilities in developing countries on January 30, 2013. I spoke about UNICEF and I LOVED it!!! If you want to see my speech, you can google "Lucy Meyer Unicef” or click on this link: Cara Yar Khan, UNICEF's specialist for kids with disabilities also spoke at the luncheon about what UNICEF is doing to help the kids—she was amazing! If you want to know more about Cara, you can see what she is doing on You Tube at

On May 22, 2013 I spoke on Capitol Hill at a Congressional Breakfast as UNICEF’s youth advocate for kids with disabilities. Caryl Stern (the president of the US Fund for Unicef) and Tim Shriver (the president of Special Olympics) were also speakers at the breakfast. It was so much fun--I loved it!!! In April, I went to some of the Senate offices and personally delivered our invitation to the breakfast. I have uploaded some pictures on my website. Everyone seemed very interested!

On May 30, 2013, I spoke at the launch of Unicef's Report of the World's Children which focused on children with disabilities. It was awesome! I ran out of room on this website for pictures--so I created a facebook page called "Lucy Meyer Unicef" that has many pictures and videos of what I am doing to help children with disabilities--please look at it!

On October 7 & 8, 2013, I went to DC to meet with eight Senators about UNICEF's work with kids with disabilities around the world and that we need to help. They were so nice even though the government was shut down. Senator Coons even let me sit in his chair! I posted these pictures on my facebook website. I just loved it! Here is the link to the article that UNICEF posted about my trip:

On November 25, 2013, I met with President Obama!  He told me how proud he was of me--he even put that in writing on my poster! Pretty cool!

In February, 2014, I went to DC again to meet with many US Senators about the 2015 World Games (Special Olympics) that is taking place in Los Angeles.  I am so excited that I am a Global Messenger for the 2015 World Games.  The Senators can't wait.  I hope you all come to this event that starts July 25, 2015 for nine days!

May 2014 was busy and awesome!  I met with President Obama AGAIN!  He did the Special Olympic athlete's celebratory pose with me!  My family hosted a fundraiser at my house to help childen with disabilities all over the world be accepted and included.  Thank you everyone for coming!  I also went to New York to speak at the UNICEF's Annual Meeting.  My good buddy, Téa Leoni, introduced me at the event.  I had sooo much fun.  Here is the link if you want to see my speech.  There are two versions--one just has me and the other one has me along with the slides that were shown in the background as I spoke.  (just me!)  (me along with my great pictures!)

June 2014 was spectacular!!  I particpated in the Southern California Special Olympics Summer Games and won two gold medals. I got to spend three nights at USC during the competition.  I loved spending time with coaches and fellow athletes.  

Then I went to New York and spoke at the United Nations at the Conference of State Parties on the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabiliteis.  I spoke on behalf of UNICEF, Special Olympics and the United States.  It was really fun meeting Ambassadors and others from all over the world who helping people with disabilities everywhere.  Here is a link to my speech that I gave at the United Nations:

I am also one of 22 Youth Members of the Convention of the Rights of Children with Disabilities.  I spent the entire week in New York meeting with other Youth Members from around the world.  I hope you will look at my pictures.

After New York, I went to New Jersey to compete in the Special Olympics USA Games as a member of the Southern California Team.  I got to stay in the Olympic Village for a week and had sooo much fun!  I won two gold medals!!  I posted my pictures on my website.

Now I am really busy being Vice President of my 8th grade class, a Global Messenger for the 2015 Special Olympics World Games, and UNICEF's first official Spokesperson for Children with Disabilties.  I just love doing all of this and I can't thank you enough for all of your support!

What I want more than anything is for all kids around the world with disabilities to be included and for their parents to not be ashamed of them—every kid should feel special—it feels sooo good!

PLEASE join me helping UNICEF make a better world for kids with disabilities.

Thank you!


P.S. If you would like to contribute either use the donation button above or you can donate by check and mail to UNICEF at 10351 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 402, L.A., CA 90025—just write “Lucy Meyer” in the memo.


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