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Ludo Vico

Ludo Vico
Bournemouth, Winton United Kingdom
Stuff About Me:

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Doing a cycling event from Bournemouth UK, to Berlin will be a major part of our all life.

This part will be explaining WHY I do want to do it. Berlin is the city I was born, where my friends and Family live. In 2010 I left Berlin to do an 11 month education project in Bournemouth. There I really got in an different life in its ways, met people from all around the world and made remarkable experiences.

Its also the place where I got into Coffee and all its things about it. So reconnecting the 2 places, whilst cycling ,visiting independent coffee shop owners, raising money and make loads of coffees is the basic idea. Also to do it to attract and educate people is what its all about. For me it will be something to show and impress people, to combine an interest with an interest to learn something, have an adventure, make a life experience and an effort for people who need it. At the same time doing something meaningful in life for myself, doing it with people I met within the industry, friends who share the same hobby and passion, do something good for my very close environment and society and hopefully get people thinking. The charity and money part is the amazing thing with it and what it comes down to but for me the personal reason for an individual, the will and physical strength of the members and the idea behind is what it makes it happen in the end. As any Person either customer, coffee-drinker or persons working in the coffee industry can think of himself, coffee is giving us something everyday. And everyone uses it in its favourite way. Us as Baristas we love to make something with it. Any of these guys I met are full of passion for it and love what they do, they critical with their results and thirsty for more. We put time and effort into it, play about with grinder settings, ratios, dosing extraction time etc. to get the best possible out of it. It is such an expandable good  and there is always something new about it, what someone tried or someone else knew. That’s what makes it so interesting. People compete in international contests and are all fascinated about gaining more knowledge to produce an even better product . Its became more than just a daily beverage, its more a legal drug and people consume it every day on this planet. A whole generation is involved an a massive coffee boom. Some surely more, some less. Preparing it in perfection is a thing which will take practice and patience until you reach results where you impress people with a simple cup of coffee. When it comes to personal enjoyment of a beverage where skill and effort gone into it. So from the point its giving us something, for everyone different, a wake up in the morning, a hot drink or a product to let go on. Is all around us. I will personally give something back to it and combine my passion for cycling with the love of making coffee to inspire people to think what progress it takes, from a coffee bean getting picked until we getting a cup served wherever we are in the world. The Beginning of that multi complex process of harvesting, transporting ,roasting and selling simply starts with people picking coffee cherries from a coffee tree. Every Morning. Majority of these people have got a daily income from 2-3$ a day. Think in comparison to a price of a coffee nowadays!? Raising Money and convincing people, with simply cycling and doing coffee to support a company,( who work with people out there in all sorts of development projects and more , is just incredible. On top the idea of an adventure including travelling and making life experience makes even more its own thing itself.

Thanks for your time reading :)





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