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lugos maria

lugos maria
United States
Stuff About Me:

my name is maria lugos (now) back 10yrs.I was either mrs.otero or mrs.martinez i got together with the father of my 2 older childeren back in 1989 and since the very first day of being together he began to be very jelous fo me .he would touch the hood of the car to see how hot it would be the miles on it .but i still couldn't get out of that relation i thought i was to stupid inside me because i didnot have the cuorage enough to get out so i stayed and this man made a miserable life out of me and my 2 kids i had my daughter in 1990 &my son in 1996 seems forever right .well this man kapt on beating the hell out of me up to the point where he took a knife out at one point in another a gun twice at me once here in california i had him arrested and the other in las vegas ,nevada where we had moved supposedely to have a better life he promised he was going to change and stupid here really thought he was being truethfull (full of shit) i'm sorry got caught in the moment .well after having to tolerating him battering me and bieng disrespectfull to my kids this was what hurt me the most one time i had to work a night shift at luxor hotel 5p.m to 1a.m and to my surprise when i got home as usuall i thru  my keys on the table went to the room to check on my kids but my girl was not there i callled her name and slowly walked to the one that was our room there he was (oh god that S.O.B was masterbating on top of my little baby girl she was only 8yrs. old ) my god tamron i could not believe what he did i got my baby took her to the bathroom tried to wake her up and she was nocked out who knows what the hell that s.o.b gave her i didnot what to do if i callled the cops i would fail to my son he was a daddys boy just cuz he was a boy so then he told me that my daughter had turned him on we got into a huge fight cuz i said how can your own kid turn you on you must be a he did not let me call the cops oh but he did get his gun and tried to fire it at my brain my baby boy woke up started crying telling his dad to leave me alone so he did and left and just told me that when he came back i was going to getit but by the time he came home around 2.a.m the house was full of cops he got arrested and got released three days after i didnot know he had a lover who took him out but by the time he got to the house we were gone i came back to california .i had nothing to do he had made me lose my baby of 5months of pregnancy of course he was happy when i was those hours in the hospital he told my 2 kids oh by the way i forgot to tell you 2that you stupid mother to be is dead she died with your baby watever is was cuz tah kid is not mine cuz your mom is just working as a hooker on the strip  so im going to bring you a new mom soon when i came out 4 hrs.later cuz i beged the dr. i told him my story i guess he felt sorry he even gave me clothes and money to go back home god bless that dr.i got my kids and came to california only with my clothes and theres and our little car a subaru my family helped me for a month i got back on my feet i met a man whos name is angel just like how he is withme and my 3kids now he is a total ANGEL just like his name we got married in April 1,2005 he adopted my 2 kids and we have a little blessing that is now 5ys.old and i can say if youwalk away from danger and never look back and first of all don't let it haunt you wuv'e already won a million miles towards the finish line and to happiness becauase it does exist. Let the past stay in the past because that's what it is the past that you once lived  is never coming back unless you letit comeback that is one thing i learned    



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