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Lake Union Rotary Foundation

Our mission is to be the kind of club that engages philanthropists, non-profits leaders, and in particular young and retired professionals because they contribute to that vision. Tax ID 90-0847480


Our vision is to be a club dedicated primarily to clean water and at-risk youth. A club where members feel intimately connected to each other and part of a group that is much, much greater than simply the sum of its members.  

Our chief means to accomplish this vision and mission will be to have at least two significant long term philanthropic projects, consistent with our vision, at the heart of the club at all times, one international and one local. We will be focused, as a matter of institutional policy and process, on our philanthropic success. 

Our goal for 2013-16 is to conceive, compete for and complete grants in the new grant model using  project management and values that we believe exceeds RI and district standards for sustainability, transparency and efficient use of The Rotary Foundation’s and our own members’ resources. We will design our projects to do as much good for the most people as our resources allow. It will be a model that can be held up by Rotary International as a paragon for the future of Rotary philanthropic endeavors.