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Bring Lurina's Babies Home to FAMILY

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Delores Wickham via Crowdrise
January 27, 2011

Very explicit & compelling photo's please do not view with children around. 1st Picture 8-12 hours prior to death. Please read her story  See more


Delores Wickham


Our daughter died on November 17, 2010 and left behind six children four girls and two boys. The two older girls went back to their father and the four younger children remain in CPS custody, until our ICPC home study is completed by Virginia CPS on my husband and I in order for us to get our grandchildren out of CPS. We are currently in the final process and should have our daughters children home soon. We are in need of car seats, cribs, double stroller for the twins, potty chair, clothing, leaning toys, for all four children Daniel is 6, Anaya is 3, and the twins Mikey and Trinity are 18 months. We would like to get our yard fenced in for all of the babies. Our daughter was assaulted prior to her death and the police closed the case three days after her death. When we got to the police station they stated that she died of an overdose, which according to the autopsy was incorrect. They stated that she had some bruising that was consistent with a fall. We never saw our daughter until we got to the funeral home to dress her for services. To this day no one has investigated the brutal assault that our beloved daughter sustained. We have had to hire an attorney to help us obtain custody of our daughter's four younger children. If there is any way you can help please do. Also we were able to get part of her story in the Grand Junction Sentinel News paper it was front page 1/24/2011 and written by Dennis Webb. If you could please read her article and also see her web page with the full story that we sent out to the media and senator's. If you could please visit our daughter's webpage at to read the full story of events that transpired from the time we got the horrible phone call. Our family would like to thank you for all your help and support in advance. we still have a long fight ahead of us with the department that didn't follow through with our daughter's assault.

Mother questions investigation of Virginia woman’s death in Glenwood Springs

Lurina Rios

By Dennis Webb
Monday, January 24, 2011
A Virginia woman is questioning the investigation by Glenwood Springs police into the Nov. 17 death of her daughter.

Lurina Rios, 26, was found dead in her room in Glenwood Springs. The autopsy ruled the death to be an accident resulting from alcohol and drug intoxication. However, Rios’ mother, Dee Wickham, says police ignored bruising on her body that indicates she was assaulted before her death, even if it wasn’t what killed her. “Our daughter was assaulted, and no one will do anything about it,” Wickham said.



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