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We Believe Every Child Deserves a Loving Family! Tax ID 38-3330163


Who Are We?

At Lutheran Adoption Service (LAS) we strive to PROTECT children, CREATE forever families, ENCOURAGE resiliency, CONNECT families to support and EMPOWER kids to succeed. It truly does take a village to raise a child.  This sentiment could not be more true than it is for children who are born into families that are not able to take care of them.  Lutheran Adoption Service seeks forever families for foster children who are permanent wards of the state of Michigan.


Through Lutheran Adoption Service you can help a child find a “life‐long loving family.” Every child needs love, shelter, and guidance. These most basic of provisions are missing for some children. So when parents are unable to care for their children and/or provide a safe home, we must step in to help provide what they need, to set all children on a path toward healthy, productive lives, supported by community and connected to others. The older the child, the more dire the circumstances, especially when coming from an abusive or neglectful situation.


Did You Know?

Each Year in Michigan:

  • 92,729 complaints are investigated by Child Protective Services
  • 13,000 children are in foster care
  • 3,000 children are waiting for their forever homes
  • 300 children have no identified adoptive family
  • 925 children age‐out of the foster care system


Join Us!

Help us raise funds to support the children and families we serve.  All funding raised will go directly toward the following programs and needs:

  • Provide therapy services to families once a child has been placed in their home for adoption
  • Support families who have special financial needs associated with the adoption process
  • Provide a monthly support group for LAS families as well as other adoptive families in the community
  • Support unmatched children who have financial needs that prohibit them from experiencing normal activities and events such as prom, extracurriculars and special therapies for emotional or developmental diagnoses
  • Support LAS to institute a trauma training program to help families learn to parent traumatized children more effectively.


If you are interested in becoming involved or becoming an adoptive parent, please contact Lauren Lochner Boone at  We would love to have you join our village!