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Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Fl...

Lutheran Social Services of Northea...
CROWDRISE : Oct 10, 2013
Tax ID: 59-1965600
BASED: Jacksonville, FL, United States


Lutheran Social Services of ...

New Beginnings

Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida (LSS) offers opportunities for new beginnings to our neighbors in need in the Jacksonville area.

Thanks to our awesome supporters, tens of thousands of people in Jacksonville have had an opportunity for a new beginning in their lives. Renewed hope where there once was despair. Restored stability where once there was chaos. Revitalized strength where once there was weakness.

Whether they're a refugee fleeing violence and persecution, a person diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, someone with mental illness trying to avoid eviction, or parents struggling to feed their families, Lutheran Social Services is here to help.

For 36 years, we've served and cared for people in need at Lutheran Social Services. Each has experienced the promise of the fresh start, the hope of a new beginning, through this ministry. And all of it is possible because of your faithful support.

Tax ID: 59-1965600 •


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