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luthers fund

Organized by: luther gilbert

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Hello my name is luther an because of a crooked person an a unjust system in the courts i am forced to seek help through a fund raiser. This is my story an the reason i am here asking for help from you. I am disabled because of a semi truck wreck with messed up my back to where is not allot i can do work wise. a while back because of my being limited to what i can do because of my back damage an the little i get to cover the cost of living witch just does cover mine i decided to take what money i had an start a small towing company so i spent 1,000 dollars on a used 1973 chevy rollback truck an then spent 5,000 dollars fixing it up to where it was trust worthy an at the time i thought that was not a bad price however i have since found that not to be the case. Well at the time the person i bought it from was on the up an up but that turned out to not be the case at all in fact he turned out to be a low down crook an with his crookedness an that of a crooked court system i not only got cheated out of the truck i bought but the money i spent repairing the truck as well and the attorneys fees i spent trying to hold on to my investment. And just so no one thinks i am making up a story trying to pull the wool over your eyes or trying to scam someone i am going to put my attorneys name an number in my post if you would like to contact him to ask about what i am telling you that way he can tell you that the courts were wrong the way they ruled an that they did not rule by what the law says. My attorneys name is Davy M. Hay from millbrook Al. his number is 205-299-1127 or you can look him up on facebook an he will tell you that what i have stated is the truth so help me god. anyway the funds i am seeking is to get another used truck where i can save the small business i built after i bought the truck from that other guy. i built a business through insurance companies that have roadside an towing included in peoples policy's and have gotten it where i get from 2 to 10 calls a day through that an my web site however because of a couple of crooked people i can no longer take calls for towing an thats why i am making a plea to you to help me by donating what ever amount you can to help me save what i worked so hard to build an what the dark side of mankind has stole from me. because of the small amount i get from being disabled i can not do this alone where what i get just does cover what it cast to live from month to month without your helping hand i would never be able to keep what i have built. Please give what ever you can to my cause and let me see that all of mankind is not crooked an that there are caring people left in this world. before i was robbed by a crooked man an a crooked court i gave to many people in need an one of the places i gave the most was to brentwood children's home in Montgomery . every year i give all i can to help others but it saddens me to have to say this past year because of what has taken place i have been unable to help anyone but with your caring understanding an donations to help me get another used truck i can rise above the dark disgrace of part of mankind an get back on my feet where once again i can poor my heart out towards helping others as i have before an look the dark side of mankind in the face an tell them that there are caring people in this world an that they can not keep us down. I would like to thank you all for reading my story an ask you to give to my cause what ever amount you may be able to give will be a blessing i know i set my goal at 8000 dollars to get another used truck an if after raising that amount i am able to find one that is cheaper my intent is to give anything over the amount i raise from the amount i have to spend will be given to another fundraiser for some else in need and i will post an update of the price i gave for the replacement along with the amount left over and the fundraiser to witch that amount was given. Thank you all an may God bless you all.


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