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Children's advocacy centers are child-focused, facility-based programs. Although some aspects of a multidisciplinary approach to child abuse can exist without a neutral facility, a designated facility is fundamental to a children's advocacy center. The location is generally separate from any agency involved in the intervention process It is designed to create a sense of safety and security for the children.

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We are a center specifically for abused children who need a space to tell their story and to receive the best resources and services available. We are a child-focused organization that manages the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child abuse while helping victims heal.  

We use a multidisciplinary approach that emphasizes the coordination of investigative, health, medical, and legal services. We collaborate with professionals in these fields, creating a child-focused team. Our team begins joint investigations, conducts forensic interviews, collects evidence, provides medical treatment and an exam, and then coordinates a case review. The child and their family will have a Family advocate assessing the critical resources that they need and provide support as their case moves through the justice system.

We use this child-focused, multidisciplinary approach in order to truly protect victims and guarantee their safety and hopefully, happiness. We are designed to foster a sense of security and comfort for the children. Our team can help identify more resources for victims and provide a smoother, more comprehensible experience for children and families.

Our center brings to light the darkest corners of our county, and beyond. We encourage and empower children to share their story, and by doing so, we can provide them the resources and services that can help change their life. We are radically addressing the violence and abuse that silently continues behind closed doors.