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My son David is a Police Officer in Las Vegas.

David began this journey on July 19 while in San Diego on vacation with his family and his parents. After not feeling well through the night David was brought back to Vegas. After a night in the emergency room on the 21st it was discovered that David had a cavernoma on his brain stem and that it bled causing headaches and double vision.

The doctors did not provide much hope for surgery. It was a very dangerous surgery that none of the doctors were willing to attempt. For almost the next two weeks the family began to research cavernoma's and treatment possibilities. Dr. Nakaji was located in Phoenix Arizona. He had done this surgery numerous times with great success.

On August 8 the family packed up David into their RV and took him to Phoenix Arizona to see Dr. Nakaji. After consulting with Dr. Nakaji it was determined that David was a perfect candidate for surgery. On August 12 David underwent surgery to have the cavernoma removed. That afternoon he was talking and singing and having fun. These were typical David attributes.

August 13 began a series of nightmares. David's brain began to swell and his temperature rose to 103°. David was in such pain from the increased swelling that no medicine was able to ease his pain.

On August 14 it was decided that the doctors needed to remove a portion of David's skull to make room for his expanding brain. David seem to get relief through August 15. August 16 the swelling had continued to the point where it was decided that he needed to have a portion of the cerebellum removed to make more room.

David had been through the ringer in a matter of a week. David's body was exhausted. That night on August 16 was the first sign from the doctors stating that David could not come out of this. The doctors it said that the swelling was so massive in his brain and that the monitors were showing no brain activity.

The family convince the doctors to give it some more time. On Tuesday, August 20 David's dad, Scott, received a phone call from the hospice doctor. Dr. Patel had stated that there was no significant chance of recovery for David. If David came out of this is quality-of-life would be nowhere close to where he wanted to be. David was a cop and wanted to be a cop. David did not want other people to take care of him for the rest of his life. David did not want to be a burden. After Conversations with Dr. Patel and Dr. Nakaji, Scott consulted with David's oldest brother, Jose. After much more conversation and prayer it was decided that that weekend the family would get together and make the decision to take David off of life support. On August 21 Scott received a phone call from his wife, Teresa, who had been there in Phoenix since the beginning. She stated that David had opened his eyes. The doctors communicated with him and he responded. Was this the miracle that the family was praying for. On August 22 several of his buddies from work had gone down there to visit him and were able to see him awake. It was a great site for all. On August 23 David had another bleed. His responses were weak and slow. After he surgery that lasted well into the morning of the 24th the doctors were cautiously optimistic the David could regain what he had.

Not only did David regain what he had gotten he continued to excel and define all medical science. Since August 24 David has been up almost every single day. On September 3 David was moved to a rehab center where he is started his road to recovery. David is moving all of his extremities and sitting up.

David's family is prayerful that David will make a full recovery. David is a great person and a fighter. He will continue to make strides to improve so that he can be with the ones that he loves, his family and friends.

Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers!



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