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League Of Extraordinary Scientists And Engineers

The League of Extraordinary Scientists and Engineers (LXS) began as an idea in 2009 when Jeane Wong, owner of Lyric’s Daycare in San Diego, followed her son Lyric to school with some bugs to share with his kindergarten class. Other classes in the school asked if she could bring the bugs, reptiles, and science lessonsto their classes, too. This evolved into larger projects: “Morphing-out month” for frogs, butterflies, moths, and even house flies; a “Hibernation Tour” where Otis the Tortoise talks about heart beats, weather, migration, adaptation, and sleeping for a very long time; and “Inside Out: Skeleton or exoskeleton?” More projects led to more school tours and often impromptu live animal discoveries at before- and after-school programs. It became clear that more schools and more classes needed to be reached; educators and students could benefit from more hands-on curriculums and in-class “science-ing”. Tax ID 46-4028310


Research shows that nationwide, science has normally been taught by having students read chapters in a textbook and then answer questions at the end. Time restrictions, standards that have not included science, and the lack of science-specific educators in Pre-K to 7th grade, has led to very little, if any, hands-on science being done in grade school. It is also apparent that most Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs and lessons are designed to begin at seventh grade. A tremendous amount of research shows that early education is when children are most receptive. Kids literally crave it. With this in mind and understanding the research, LXS is answering the call by bringing together a literal League of Scientists & Engineers with educators to make available “hands-on-science-ing” to Pre-K to 7th grade learners and in-classroom support for their educators.