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Lyme Disease Awareness

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Heather Femine wrote -

My name is Heather Femine. I am an artist and a mom of 5 kids. I have always had an endless stream of energy. I was always on the go and an avid runner. About 5 years ago I became profoundly ill. I was too weak to stand or even lift my head. I thought I had the worse flu of my like and eventually get better. But days and months went by and I never recovered. All the systems in my body were sick. My gut, my kidneys, my liver, my skin and most alarming, my brain. I was having Alzheimer's symptoms. Mental confusion and short term memory loss. I went to numerous drs and specialists and not one diagnosed me with Lyme disease. I was told, I wasn't sleeping right, my supplements were causing it and the most common false diagnosis, stress was the cause of all my ailments. I left each doctor office feeling more defeated then ever. Then I saw a Facebook post about Lyme Disease and all its symptoms. I read it and the lightbulb went on. This was me! This is what I have! I was so relieved to have figured it out. Now all I had to do was go to my primary care physician and get tested. Well unfortunately I was already sick for 4 years and unless you get tested in the first few months after a tic bite, the test results will be highly inaccurate. I got a false negative result. So that was the end of the road with my primary physician. I would have to pay out of pocket to see a specialist which is very costly and I simply didn't have the funds to pay for that. Luckily several months later, I was directed to a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor who took insurance and I was able to get properly diagnosed. But this was after years of being failed by a medical system that is not properly educated in Lyme Disease. Sufferers of Lyme shouldn't have to go through an Underground Railroad system to get a diagnosis and the proper treatment. My story mirrors thousands of others. I want to raise awareness for this debilitating illness so that others won't have to go through what I have gone through and continue to. I was too weak to run a marathon last year before treatment but am much stronger now. I am running to raise awareness for Lyme Disease and all donations will be given to ILADS/ International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society. Thank you!


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