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On May 10th, the day after Mother's Day, 28-year-old Lynn was napping with her sons. Their peacefulness was disturbed by her phone, which rang incessantly. Lynn answered the call only to learn that the result of a chest x-ray she had taken earlier in the day was abnormal. She was instructed to admit herself to a hospital urgently. From the moment of that phone call to this present day, Lynn's world has been turned upside down. She soon learned that the chest pain she had been experiencing was caused by pulmonary embolisms. Lynn has blood clots in her chest, lungs and leg. A full body scan also revealed that she has a tumor on her lungs and brain. And then the news that Lynn and Kevin would never have thought possible: Lynn has lung cancer. The cancer has spread throughout her body to her spine, lungs and brain. She is in stage four. Not only is this news completely devastating but it is also completely inexplicable: Lynn has never smoked a day in her life . . .

Lynn was admitted to the same hospital where she gave birth to her son, Colin, two years ago and to her son, Ethan, just 5 days before. This time she is not celebrating new life; instead, she is fighting for her own life. Lynn was released from the hospital after 9 days and has begun outpatient radiation and chemotherapy treatment. She is doing all that she is capable of to win her battle with cancer. She is holding on to hope and desperately fighting to survive.

Lynn is brightly spirited and beautiful . . . she has the most radiant smile. She loves life, her friends and her family. She is an incredibly giving and self-less person. She loves with complete, unconditional positive regard. Lynn is a young mother of two beautiful sons . . . she is a devoted wife, a wonderful daughter and the truest friend you will ever know. She is strong, inspiring, amazing and a remarkable blessing to everyone around her, including the at-risk youth she serves. Friends and family are providing Lynn with continuous prayers, well wishes, warm thoughts . . . and so much love.

Lynn has our prayers, love and support in every way possible. The measures that her family are willing to take to support her through her treatment and provide her with optimum care are limitless. Lynn needs advanced and specialized medical care for her cancer treatment. Please become a participant in the supportive network that surrounds Lynn . . . please join in on the fight for Lynn's life. We are all praying for a miracle . . .



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