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Lynns dream to walk and drive and become independent again

Organized by: Lynn Grzechowiak

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Several years ago I was taking my 5 year old son to the doctor on 80th and capital and parked in the street the last spot on the street and I exited my blazer and walked in front of it to get to the sidewalk and just as I got in between my blazer and the cars parked in front of me I just so happened to look through the windows of my blazer and saw a car coming very fast down the parking lane swerving and I knew he wasn't going to be able to get out of the parking lane quick enough or even stop to avoid slamming into the back of my truck and I was like a deer in headlights I froze didn't know where to go what to do quick enough. So as a result of his drunk driving and ignorance slammed into the back of my truck and pinned me between the front of my truck and behind five other cars that all got pushed 7 feet ( including me) got pushed together and as a result I lost my left leg below the knee and my right leg has had at least 75 surgery s on it in the 8 months I was in the hospital for and has been fully reconstructed and is very mangled and ugly looking but by the grace of God I can at least try to stand on it for a few seconds with my whole weight. on it with assistance. . But dream soon someday I would like to by summer start walking on it with assistance once I can get a good prosthetic leg and a good wheelchair and walker and to finally be able to afford physical thearpy. My other dream would be to obtain a vehicle where I can transport my scooter or wheelchair in and out of my vehicle by myself and not have to depend on somebody who has the time and the space in their car for a wheelchair etc to take me to doctors appointment grocery shopping misc. appointments etc I would love to become independent and not have to depend and pay alot of money to run to a doctors appointment or something like just go to a park for a summer picnic and fishing that I missed dearly dearly dearly. I'd love to be able to go somewhere by myself for once. My dream sounds so easy to reach but unfortunately it all involves money that I cannot make working because of my limitations right now. I just found out last week that I'm going to be a grandma in six months for the first time and I would do anything to be able to walk to my first grandbaby and be able to drive him/her to the zoo or splash pad. Also unfortunately due to the accident the five year old son that I was taking to the doctor witnessed my accident and thought flight for life was taking me to heaven and I was in the hospital for 8 months and didn't get him therapy to help him deal with what he witnessed and that Child Protective gotten involved because he started missing school alot because he did not want to leave my side whatsoever he just wanted to stay home and be the man of the house and take care of me so I had a hard time getting him to get up and go to school ( he also was in kindergarten and first grade and because I was unable to drive due to the accident he would have had to walk to his school which meant walking 1.1 miles and crossing over several busy streets and as a five and six year old I do not feel safe whatsoever with that and they finally offered me a bus service but they wanted several hundreds dollars a semester or quarter for him to take the bus to school and that wasn't easy to do either because I was unable to work from being fresh out of the hospital and Child Protective looked at that as a neglect and instead of helping me (as a single mommy) learn how to take care of my young kids from a wheelchair with daily activities they just took them away from me and I got my daughter back but my son was placed for adoption four blocks down from where I live and I see him a lot but not allowed to talk to him at all or anything. Me and his dad fought thru the court system all the way till the end of a jury trial and I feel we just fell through the cracks somewhere and we didn't have good state representation. Also as a result last year on my son's birthday his dad who was also with me during the accident and witness committed suicide because he couldn't stand not being able to see up close or talk to our son on his b-day even though we saw him several times that day playing out in the driveway and I did yell I love you but I don't know if he heard it or it made any sense. So so he quietly took his own life on my son's birthday. He didn't know how to deal with it anymore. due also to the fact that we feel we were not represented right we didn't have a fair trial and nobody ever really worked with us too put us back together after the accident as a family. I don't like to ask or beg for money but I don't feel like I'm going to succeed at this dream of a walking someday by summer hopefully and being able to come and go independently in a vehicle without putting my pride on the side and asking for help unless I can find somebody to loan me some money or help me please obtain a handicap vehicle (can afford small payments, and I mean literally small payments) . a single mother in a wheelchair under my condition and help to get out good fitting prosthetic leg and a very easy to manage lightweight wheelchair and a vehicle possibly to be able to get my wheelchair in and out of by myself would be a dream come true but with my income since I'm unable to really work I don't see my dream coming true without help. I would actually even like to go back to school and become a counselor for people that have been injured in drunk driving accident such as my type of accident. Just a little note on the side the drunk driver that hit me was 68 years old and had cirrhosis of the liver and all he got was two broken ribs and one of the ribs bruised his liver so it made his cirrhosis of the liver flare up and he died a week after the accident as a result of the bruising. So whatever good amount of money I would have received in a lawsuit from the accident went to his sister through his life insurance and other misc. Money that was already planned out because he was dying already of cirrhosis of the liver from alcoholism


Organized by

Lynn Grzechowiak

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