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"Every child, no matter what background, deserves the opportunity to gain skill and ability to play Club Level Youth Soccer!" --Mario Galvan, LSA Founder, and Director of Coaching

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Lyon Soccer Academy (LSA), is a non-profit 501c3 organization residing and serving the Los Angeles County geographic area. 

The main goal and purpose at LSA is to provide youth of all backgrounds and walks of life, club level educational and athletic training, coupled with creating a health and fitness environment for their direct benefit by way of using the sport of soccer (fútbol). 

The LSA program is comprised of funding scholarships and opportunities for low-income, ethnic, typically immigrant youth to enroll in club level soccer academy training that otherwise would never be able to participate in or experience in childhood due to limited household and community resources. 

In the case of LSA, its educational focus is on youth sport fitness and educational learning of soccer, also known as fútbol.

LSA students enroll by paying an annual league & I.D. fee, tournament fees, and monthly academy tuition.  However, there are many youth that can and very well deserve to participate in the LSA program, but do not have the economic resources to do so.

For the 2014-15 year, student participant enrollment is for both boys and girls, from ages 4-15.  Any and all donations will help fund academy tuition scholarships to deserving children across Los Angeles County.

To Learn More about LYON Soccer Academy: Call/Text "Nacho" 626-765-7776, or email "Mario" at LyonSoccerAcademy@AOL.Com

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