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Being a woman in a Maasai world is challenging, to say the least. Here in Kuku Group Ranch both Campi ya Kanzi and Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT) have made history; the camp was the very first employer of women, 17 years ago. It wasn’t an easy achievement and many obstacles had to be overtaken. We won our battle and now not only is a good number of women are employed, but they also maintain full ownership of their salaries (another uneasy battle…). Now MWCT employs Maasai women not only as teachers and as nurses, but also as rangers.

Goal: to empower Maasai women rangers. This will ensure that the Maasai women that we employ have a real voice and a more prominent role in the organization, so that they can participate equally with men in decision-making. This will enable them to influence the decisions that will determine the future of MWCT and its impact on the community in which they live in.

How: we want to create a supportive and enabling environment for women by building their capacity to take on leadership roles within MWCT. In particular, MWCT would like to train 6 Maasai women as commanders and off road drivers. At a cost of approximately $7,500 per person, the project will support the women through a year-long intensive training program in safe driving and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) elite Manyani field training school in wildlife conservation training. With the knowledge and expertise they will acquire, female MWCT employees will be able to take on leadership roles, such as a sergeant and driver, much sought-out roles that are usually taken on by their male counterparts.

Decades of poverty and gender inequality do not change overnight. But on Kuku Group Ranch, MWCT is working towards empowering women and creating new opportunities for them to be leaders, one at a time. Please help us empower these 6 women rangers through professional training.



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